Jan 8th, '07, 16:36
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How Did You Become a Tea Enthusiast?

by TeaTime Magazine » Jan 8th, '07, 16:36


I work for a magazine especially geared toward tea drinkers. I am new to the job and am trying to find my own niche in the tea world. If any of you have time, I would love to hear from you- who are you? where are you from? And most importantly, how did you become a tea enthusiast?

Thanks for your time!

Nov 28th, '07, 09:46
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by thor0298 » Nov 28th, '07, 09:46

My name is Tim. I'm from Minneapolis, MN. My roommate in college got me into drinking tea. I am a computer engineer. Over the span of a few years, I started finding tea stores and trying new teas. This only made me more of a tea drinker. I have favorites but I also like variety.

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Nov 28th, '07, 19:50
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by hop_goblin » Nov 28th, '07, 19:50

I think the best way is to study tea of course. I guess most tea fans in here either correlate tea drinking with a memory or just truely love the tea culture oh and of course taste!

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Nov 29th, '07, 02:36
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Re: How Did You Become a Tea Enthusiast?

by skywarrior » Nov 29th, '07, 02:36

TeaTime Magazine wrote:Hello,

I work for a magazine especially geared toward tea drinkers. I am new to the job and am trying to find my own niche in the tea world. If any of you have time, I would love to hear from you- who are you? where are you from? And most importantly, how did you become a tea enthusiast?

Thanks for your time!

I'm a freelance writer/author, so naturally I drink tea. :lol:

My parents were coffee drinkers. In fact, I was the only one in my house who drank a lot of tea. I seem to recall that my mom occasionally bought Lipton or occasionally Bigelow's Constant Comment. She also had sassafras and Chamomile tisanes.

I never could get used to coffee. It always tasted bitter. So, I drank plenty of Constant Comment and then branched out into flavored teas. I seem to recall this sickly sweet orange and cinnamon spiced tea was popular back east when I was about 13-14, but I'm not a fan of very sweet teas. Because my dad was retired military, the commissary would often carry brands I never heard of, so I tried them. I ended up settling for a ginger and cinnamon spiced tea and also Bigelow cinnamon stick.

Two things propelled me into the world of awesome tea. One was my visits to NYC and buying tea in Chinatown. The other was my move to Montana. I was under a mistaken impression that I probably couldn't get my regular tea in stores, so I started trying Adagio tea. Well, I discovered that I could get my regular tea, but I was so spoiled by that time, I decided I would simply get my tea via the internet.

So, there you go.

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May 8th, '08, 23:51
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by Jeremy » May 8th, '08, 23:51

Well, I must admit that I didn't like coffee or tea until studying for college finals. Then came coffee, then came fancy coffee, then came independently roasted organic coffee.

Years later I went to tea to lower my caffeine intake. So first came Twinnings tins of tea, then (dare I say it) Starbucks Tazo. I know it only loosely qualifies as tea. Then what I call an awakening. Then , due to my sleep and workout schedule, I stopped drinking tea altogether, Im a health nut.

So my training buddy told me about green tea and he mentioned a place called Ito En, here in the city. So I went there and was awakened to the most amazing things. Ie Japanese tea ceremony etc. So long story short, I kept peeling back the layers and started to enjoy the journey and the learning as much as the tea.


May 16th, '08, 08:55
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by Beanbean » May 16th, '08, 08:55

My mother started giving me "tea" when I was a toddler. This was actually warm, slightly sweetened tea (Red Rose) flavored milk. I think she was really trying to get me to drink milk.

By the time I was ten I was drinking tea with just a splash of milk and just a little sugar. In high school all my friends would order coffee and I would order tea. My best friend in high school's father was from New Delhi and he would have family send tea to him. I got hooked on "good" tea as a sophomore in high school and spent a lot of time in the tea shop at Cost Plus in San Francisco trying all sorts of loose tea.

I will try any tea but my favorites are Indian black teas. I drink three or four huge mugs of tea a day and I am training my son to be a tea drinker as well. :wink:

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May 16th, '08, 12:30
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by insanitylater » May 16th, '08, 12:30

I'm a college student from New Jersey. I've been drinking tea since about three years old and like a lot of people it was the cheap bagged kind. In my case Lipton with lots of sugar. I kept drinking it till high school when I first got some bagged green tea as well as some loose gunpowder. They were not very good but I think at that point I figured it was an acquired taste and I was more interested in the health benefits. I started drinking "higher" quality bagged teas like Republic of Tea, Stash, Traditional Medicinals and I really started enjoying it more. Now I'm on a really big loose tea kick but I still don't mind a bagged tea if it's higher quality. I like a warm tea with my meals and I really don't want to drink a really great sencha with it. Mostly because I just want to enjoy it on its own.

Back when I had those not so good bagged teas I could have easily just given up on other types of teas and just stuck with the cheap black ones. I'm glad I didn't but it's not hard to understand why some people find green tea gross when the only experience they have had is lipton green tea with boiling water even. People like bargains though so if they see buy 1 box get 1 free they will jump on it. I guess if you are just drinking it for health reasons it's understandable.

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Jun 13th, '08, 08:07
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by jobrien » Jun 13th, '08, 08:07

I am from the deep south, specifically GA. And of course being from the South, I have always drank tea... sweet tea. Imagine that! Not only that, I have only had the best in bagged tea, like Red Rose and the like. LOL!

Only about a year ago or so, my buddy and I began discussing the possibilities of opening a tea shop of some type. That's all it took. Since then, I have tried to immerse myself into the world of tea and there has been no looking back. Yes, occassionally, I still drink my coffee; but I have mostly converted over to my new elixir of choice.

I love tea and I love trying new and different kinds. I have my favorites so far; but part of the allure of tea is drinking all the different types and taking in parts of the world in doing so.

Our business?... Slowly but surely coming together nicely. It will not be long now!

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