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May 20th, '08, 14:58
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what are the best tea places in new york city to visit ?

by insanitylater » May 20th, '08, 14:58

so far ito-en and amai tea & bakehouse are on my list

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May 20th, '08, 16:02
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by witches brew » May 20th, '08, 16:02

There's Minamoto Kitchoan for tea sweets (wagashi). They are on 5th ave around 49th, I think.

Cheap everyday teaware, Pearl River Mart on Broadway in SoHo.

Books on tea, Kinokuniya Books, 6th ave opposite Bryant Park.

Have you been to the japanese marketplace in Edgewater, NJ? Is there anything of interest to the tea enthusiast?

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May 20th, '08, 16:53
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by xine » May 20th, '08, 16:53

amai, amai, amai. I can't say it anymore. You will leave very fufilled and satisfied.

Tafu just opened up a US location in NYC in the Doubletree hotel on Lexington- I tasted their Japanese teas and treats at the coffee and tea festival, and they were quite good.

I've heard of that shopping plaza, Witches Brew, but never have been. There are plenty of Asian food marts by me, but it would be interesting to go there since they are mostly Japanese foods. Their website looks ridiculous, so maybe one dya I will venture out (though I really really hate driving in edgewater and hoboken).

Chopsticks NY magazine is a good source for japanese food, which is off topic, but if anything has some ads and listings for tea rooms, japanese stores and what not.

May 20th, '08, 17:07
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by Pentox » May 20th, '08, 17:07

Ah man, don't remind me of amai, you're gonna make me want to order more of them. And it's freaking expensive to get them shipped here.

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May 20th, '08, 17:47
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by insanitylater » May 20th, '08, 17:47

i like that amai lists all the vendors they get their loose tea from

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May 20th, '08, 21:57
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by charizzi » May 20th, '08, 21:57

I've been to Witches Brew twice since I attend school closeby, but its about a 45 min drive from Manhattan since there is a considerable amount of traffic on the Long Island highways. Its fairly big and they have comfortable chairs in there. Its a great place to hang out with a friend.

I've been to Alice's Tea Cup once and my sister loves the place. They serve food and have a big menu of teas. :)

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Nov 22nd, '08, 11:07
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by chingwa » Nov 22nd, '08, 11:07

Noone mentioned Cha-An? It isn't a shop, but is the perfect little spot for a short respite from the city... a little temple of calm :) they have decent foods, desserts and teas, but it's mostly about the atmosphere.

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