Memorial Day 2008

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Space Samurai asks, which tea did you find most difficult to brew?

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May 26th, '08, 02:28
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Memorial Day 2008

by Chip » May 26th, '08, 02:28

Today we remember those who gave their lives serving in our armed services in defence of our country. It is because of their sacrifice that we have the freedoms that we have today.

Yesterday, TeaChatters voted in a virtual 3 way tie between Japanese, Chinese and Indian as their ethnic food of choice from a tea producing country. You can still vote and discuss yesterday's topic.

Welcome one and all to TeaDay. A holiday for many of us. For some, we will struggle to enjoy tea away from home. Regardless, let's brew tea and share what is in our cup today...all day. Be sure to see what others are sipping today as well.

Today's TeaPoll and discussion topic was suggested by Space Samurai. He wondered what tea or teas we had difficulty brewing. Please share your most challenging tea or teas.

I hope to see everyone on TeaDay. So, bottoms up...refill...repeat...
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May 26th, '08, 02:51
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by Salsero » May 26th, '08, 02:51

Fujian Province in China produces an enormous amount of tea. Like Tie Guan Yin, Se Zhong is an oolong produced largely in Anxi County in central Fujian Province on the Southeast coast of China across from Taiwan. In fact it was the tea plants, the knowledge, and settlers from central Fujian that began the great Taiwanese tradition of oolong. Another great oolong tradition, that of the robust Yan Cha oolongs, sprang up in the Wuyi Mountains in the northern part of the same Fujian Province. Se Zhong oolong is produced from a different varietal than TGY, however, and seems usually to be on the light side compared to the oxidation of the average TGY. Another oolong well worth getting to know! There are so many!
Hope you all have a pleasant Memorial Day holiday today.

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May 26th, '08, 03:34
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by Sam. » May 26th, '08, 03:34

Sal, why haven't you turned these daily posts and beautiful pictures into a blog by now?!

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May 26th, '08, 04:27
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by Terrasi » May 26th, '08, 04:27

I have to say white. White tea requires me to let my water cool for a little while, which is just long enough for me to forget I was cooling water in the first place. Oversteeping is also a fear for me with whites, though I actually think I've understeeped more often (due to the overcooled water).

Greens are hard for me too...

You think I'd give up, but it's all so darn tasty!

In my cup: Some white tea of unknown type, with something that tastes like roses.

Oh yes, this: ... e-mind.php

Very pretty tin.

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May 26th, '08, 06:41
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by omegapd » May 26th, '08, 06:41

Happy Memorial Day, Everyone. Let us not forget...

I don't think a certain type of "tea" is hard to brew. I have had teas that were awkward to measure out...Victoria sent me a Nilgiri Black recently that looks as if a whole plant was used instead of just the leaves, but that's about the hardest one to brew for me.


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May 26th, '08, 08:04
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by chrl42 » May 26th, '08, 08:04

This is easy, Wuyi teas are most difficult to brew for me. I feel certain grade, certain temperature and certain teapot is needed for best result. I always thought I was very good at brewing until I met this guy, who reincarnate 'cliff feel' to perfection.

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May 26th, '08, 08:22
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by henley » May 26th, '08, 08:22

Greens are very intimidating. I don't have time (or the patience maybe) to watch for a certain water temp & do multiple steeps of 30 seconds, etc. Or perhaps I just haven't found the right green tea yet.

Tried the TKY again w/lower water temp & shorter steep time but I still didn't like it. Into the TeaPass box it goes! Made a cuppa Organic Monks Blend instead. I'm almost out of my sample of it & OBO so looks like I'll be putting a tea order together soon. You people are such a bad influence! :wink:

Hope everyone has a safe & happy holiday. Thanx to all the TCers who have helped defend our freedoms or had loved ones who did! Image

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May 26th, '08, 08:43
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by ThinkingOutLoud » May 26th, '08, 08:43

I had to go for "other" on this one. I suppose I just don't know better with most teas, because I brew them how I brew them and then I enjoy them. But I will admit that I won't even try sencha without some hands on training.

Brewing a pot of Irish Breakfast this morning, as usual.

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May 26th, '08, 08:55
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by brandon » May 26th, '08, 08:55

Yancha can be hard to get right, sometimes it is sweet, sometimes it is just charcoal.
Better grades seem to offer more consistant results

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May 26th, '08, 08:56
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by CynTEAa » May 26th, '08, 08:56

Greens were the hardest to learn. So sensitive to both time and temp.

Starting with Yunnan Gold. Not sure what I'll brew next, but it looks to be a good day for something iced. Perhaps a nice "Champagne Oolong." Happy Memorial Day everyone!

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May 26th, '08, 08:57
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by GalileosDaughter » May 26th, '08, 08:57

henley wrote: Hope everyone has a safe & happy holiday. Thanx to all the TCers who have helped defend our freedoms or had loved ones who did! Image
Hear, hear!!

Drinking more Assam Melody today. Can't get enough of it.

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May 26th, '08, 09:21
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by Beidao » May 26th, '08, 09:21

Living in a country that has not been to war for 200 years, and being a member in a peace church, I find Memorial Day to be more exotic than any tea that has ever been mentioned on this forum. But feeling very alien, I also feel deep respect for your rememberance. Thanks for this 'cultural sharing'.

Have had some Nilgiri FOP and Jasmine. Trying to decide what my next cup should be. Almost out of green rooibos :?

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May 26th, '08, 09:22
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by Cinnamon Kitty » May 26th, '08, 09:22

GalileosDaughter wrote:Drinking more Assam Melody today. Can't get enough of it.
That's what I am drinking this morning too! I got a bunch of black tea samples from Adagio in hopes of finding a good morning tea. So far the Assam Melody and the Irish Breakfast are winning in terms of likability.

I'll go with other today as I find both greens and oolongs tied for first for the most difficult teas to brew. Both can be absolutely incredible when brewed correctly, but getting time and temperature right can be tough.

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May 26th, '08, 10:05
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by Carnelian » May 26th, '08, 10:05

Greens were the most finicky for me to learn, since I didn't have a reliable thermometer until a couple of years into the tea obsession

I'm going to be drinking lots of tea today because, its my birthday! And no one can get away with telling me that five pots of tea is excessive today.

Currently brewing golden monkey to serve iced at the party later.

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May 26th, '08, 10:24
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by TimeforTea » May 26th, '08, 10:24

It was a toss up between greens and oolongs for me, but I voted oolongs. This morning, I brewed some TKY.

Our town's parade has just started, as I hear the drums. I'm going to go try and catch it.

Remember those who have served your country in the name of FREEDOM!