Darjeeling Oolongs...

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

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Dec 6th, '05, 15:12
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Darjeeling Oolongs...

by Stefen » Dec 6th, '05, 15:12

Recently there has been a trend in Darjeeling, where tea masters are applying the old fashioned (not green) processing of oolongs to Tea grown in those areas. The result is usually an opened leaf tea with a very complex taste. Wide range of flavors, nutty, smokey, sometimes chocolatey, but always end in that signature Darjeeling taste. Some estates that have been known to produce such rarities are Rohini and Makaibari. Opinions, comments?

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Dec 6th, '05, 15:57
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by klemptor » Dec 6th, '05, 15:57

I've had Adagio's Ooooh Darjeeling and have enjoyed it; I've also ordered a Darjeeling oolong from the Poobong estate from SpecialTeas that I've yet to try. From my experience with the Ooooh, I'd say this is a good idea, although I'd like to branch out into more oolong Darjeelings before I can really give an opinion.

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