Gingerbread Tea

These teas can resemble virtually any flavor imaginable.

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Dec 8th 05 6:15 am
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by ilya » Dec 8th 05 6:15 am

LadyArden is correct, the flavor is the result of both flavoring extract and pieces added to the tea. I believe we use cinnamon, ginger, and orange pieces. However, if you generally have a strong allergy reaction to some foods, I would advice you to play it safe and skip this one.

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Dec 8th 05 6:12 pm
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by PeteVu » Dec 8th 05 6:12 pm

nice call lady arden! im impressed.
There are four advantages to green tea... Its beauty, its taste, its aroma, and its health benefits. Learn to enjoy the first three and you'll forget you drank it for the fourth. ^^