Sunday 6/08/08, oh yeah, TeaDay

BYOT! Enter TeaChat here, you never know what you may find!

Inspired by yesterday's topic, suddenly, you have more money...where does it go?

More tea
Better tea
Best tea, period
Nothing changes tea wise
Total votes: 53

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Jun 8th, '08, 04:08
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Sunday 6/08/08, oh yeah, TeaDay

by Chip » Jun 8th, '08, 04:08

Yesterday, TeaChatters indicated during hard financial times, less good tea was the way to go. You can still vote and discuss this topic.

Welcome one and all tea drinkers. It is still going to be crazy hot around here, but I plan on joining everyone here for tea...let's share what is in our cups today, all day. If you need to, you can reflect back on your TeaDay.

Today's TeaPoll and discussion topic is a reversal of yesterday. You suddenly have more money! Do you get more tea or better tea...or the best tea bar none. Or maybe nothing changes tea wise.

Any tea...any rules...but it must be TEA...

I am as always looking forward to sharing tea with everyone today. Bottoms up, refill, repeat often.

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Jun 8th, '08, 04:14
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Bao Zhong and Crape Myrtle

by Salsero » Jun 8th, '08, 04:14

A sumptuously understated Bao Zhong today with some more Crape Myrtle flowers. I have really been loving Pouchong lately. Hey, somebody get EW’s cat out of the picture!
…..Clicking is always an alternative....

The Maple leaves on the yunomi are the only ones I have, but I have heard that Chip is obsessed with Japanese Maples ... the real trees, not just their depiction on teawarez.

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Jun 8th, '08, 04:17
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by olivierco » Jun 8th, '08, 04:17

I guess nothing will change if I had more money.
I spend 100€ per month for tea (not including teaware). I could spend more right now but I have other interests to satisfy.

This morning Yunnan golden tips.

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Jun 8th, '08, 04:24
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by chrl42 » Jun 8th, '08, 04:24

If I have a million, it will definately go to buy Gu Jing Zhou yixing(appx. 10.000 to 100.000 USD), Hui Meng Chen's Ming dynasty Li Xing Hu(price undefined), first-generation DHP (1000 bucks for one grip?), Tong Qing Hao and 50's red label Puerhs...and what's left?

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Jun 8th, '08, 04:30
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by Terrasi » Jun 8th, '08, 04:30

More tea, because I would buy a lot more samples of teas I've never tried.

All I had today was TKY. Strange, I seem to have developed a taste for it.

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Jun 8th, '08, 04:39
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by bi lew chun » Jun 8th, '08, 04:39

More tea please.

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Jun 8th, '08, 04:56
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by henley » Jun 8th, '08, 04:56

Terrasi wrote:More tea, because I would buy a lot more samples of teas I've never tried.

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Jun 8th, '08, 05:04
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by Victoria » Jun 8th, '08, 05:04

Nothing changes tea wise for me,
but I will be taking some TEA related vacations!!!

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Jun 8th, '08, 05:56
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by omegapd » Jun 8th, '08, 05:56

I'd have to splurge and buy the best stuff I could find...and then hoard it. :wink:

Old habits die hard...

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Jun 8th, '08, 08:30
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by Sydney » Jun 8th, '08, 08:30

I'd be on the look-out for a sencha with more pucker than a reserve chute dive.

But at the moment, I'm really enjoying some pyrex-brewed '08 Yang Yan Gou Qing. This is a really cool tea to watch infuse from below in good lighting, smells great, and tastes even better.


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Jun 8th, '08, 08:48
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by TimeforTea » Jun 8th, '08, 08:48

More tea.

This morning, I am enjoying a hot mug of white peach.

I just made another round--this time, I put the tea in the fridge to drink later. It'll be another hot day here. 8)
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Jun 8th, '08, 09:18
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by witches brew » Jun 8th, '08, 09:18

I don't think my tea buying habits would change.

I already buy what I want, and there's no sense to having more tea in the house than I could possibly drink. :shock:

That said, I would probably shop in person for my teaware, and might even have a small teahouse built in my garden.

I don't know what tea I want this morning. See? I already have too many choices.

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Jun 8th, '08, 09:19
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by Jack_teachat » Jun 8th, '08, 09:19

Victoria wrote:TEA related vacations!!!
Like the sound of that :D

2 rounds of Kirameki and the last of my Yutaka Midori so far today, I also placed an order with O-cha for the following...

Shincha Miyabi
Shincha Fukamushi Sencha Supreme
Uji Gyokuro Kame-Giru Shi

By the way when is the Gyokuro harvest?

Have a nice day everyone!

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Jun 8th, '08, 09:47
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by olivierco » Jun 8th, '08, 09:47

Ippodo Shincha.

About Gyokuro harvest, according to Hibiki-an:

The harvest of tea leaves for Gyokuro and Matcha started around May 15. In contrast to Sencha, which is enjoyed for its refreshing aroma immediately after being harvested, Gyokuro and Matcha also gain an enriched flavor over time, and so are best some months after harvest. A long time ago, people celebrated aged Gyokuro as the "Shincha of Gyokuro" in Autumn. Besides, some Gyokuro lovers also go for "Kuradashi Gyokuro" which is enriched a few years. "Kuradashi Gyokuro" means Gyokuro taken out from the granary. Present storage techniques enable tea farmers to keep tea leaves fresh for almost one entire year. Today's Gyokuro lovers favor both fresh Gyokuro and enriched Kuradashi Gyokuro.
We, Hibiki-an, plan to produce a very small quantity of Gyokuro tea leaves and store them in the granary in the traditional way in order to make "Kuradashi Gyokuro". We will be selling this special "Kuradashi Gyokuro" this Autumn.

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Jun 8th, '08, 10:43
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by GalileosDaughter » Jun 8th, '08, 10:43

Tea vacations!

More tea, better tea, fancy teapots, all sound good to me too. Fancy tea-scented candles too, what the heck.

Drinking Adagio Golden Monkey this morning.