BOOO, Monday...but still TeaDay 6/09/08

BYOT! Enter TeaChat here, you never know what you may find!

OK, you are rolling in the dough...'fess up, you know there is a teaware item that calls to you in the night!!!

Is it a teapot
Is it teacup(s)
A kettle
A bowl
A tray
Something else wooden or cherrybark
Something else in the infinite realm of teaware
Total votes: 45

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Jun 9th, '08, 03:58
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BOOO, Monday...but still TeaDay 6/09/08

by Chip » Jun 9th, '08, 03:58

More money seemed to have less an effect of your tea purchases than I would have guessed according to yesterday's can still vote and discuss this topic.

Welcome to Monday's edition of TeaDay. I am sure we will need a little extra tea to get through the day. Let's brew and share cups with each other today...all day. If you need to, you can also reflect back on your TeaDay.

So...I promise...last money topic for a while. But today, you are rolling in the dough. Is there some teaware you have been eyeballing for a while...or a recent discovery. Perhaps the economic stimulus check is going to some teaware. So, 'fess up...what teaware have you been wanting...waiting...?

I am looking forward to seeing everyone of TeaDay. Bottoms up, refill, repeat many times...
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Jun 9th, '08, 04:03
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Fo Shou or Buddha Hand

by Salsero » Jun 9th, '08, 04:03

Hey where is the ALL OF THE ABOVE alternative!

I am still grooving on oolongs. This one is Fo Shou, Buddha Hand, from Yong Chun in Fujian Province. Hobbes madea nice poston this tea in February.

  • <<click on the photo to see another photo of the Nakoso yunomi with its hat on>>

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Jun 9th, '08, 05:07
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by olivierco » Jun 9th, '08, 05:07

Nothing really right now, although I am still looking for a tray, a plate and a kizue.

I eventually bought this chawan, which will stop for a little time my teaware acquisitions:


This morning Keemun

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Jun 9th, '08, 06:13
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by omegapd » Jun 9th, '08, 06:13

Nothing for me right now either. Pretty happy with my few pots and cups.

Irish Breakfast this morning...


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Jun 9th, '08, 06:21
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by ThinkingOutLoud » Jun 9th, '08, 06:21

Hey y'all ... back from a weekend sweltering in the PA heat on vacay with the fam. The kids are on their first official day of summer vacation today. Yikes!

I voted teapot in this one, only because I'm searching for the perfect one. No tea yet this morning and only bagged tea over the weekend. Considering my choices carefully.

Jun 9th, '08, 07:41
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by CanadaBlue » Jun 9th, '08, 07:41

I voted for Tea Pot. I only have one - and that one is a nice Adagio pot. One day, one day, I'll buy a 'real' pot.

As for now - nothing yet. But an oolong is coming soon!

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Jun 9th, '08, 07:45
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by Trey Winston » Jun 9th, '08, 07:45

I've been meaning to get some serious tea hardware, but I can't seem to get round to it. A decent teapot would be high on my list. And some cups, I guess. And a tray. And an IngenuiTEA. Well, pretty much everything, in fact.

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Jun 9th, '08, 07:51
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by jogrebe » Jun 9th, '08, 07:51

In that case (as I am now actually) a tea tray is the next on my items of needed teaware. Although to the surprise of some probably I just splurged on a beautiful Chinese landscape design yixing cup for $18 and a set of 4 lined yixing cups for $4 off of ebay around a week ago.

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Jun 9th, '08, 08:00
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by Cinnamon Kitty » Jun 9th, '08, 08:00

There really isn't a single piece of teaware that completely calls to me and keeps me up at night. It is more of one day, I would like a different teapot, but I haven't seen the right one yet.

I am starting today with two steeps of Oolong #8 and a large container of iced tea for work. I still have to figure out the best way to brew good tea while I am there, but my plan of a travel mug, a thermos, the iced tea, and some extra powdered sencha should hold me for the day.

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Jun 9th, '08, 09:03
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by CynTEAa » Jun 9th, '08, 09:03

For at least ten years, I have been really good at not overindulging in tea-ware, which has been especially difficult.

However... there are a couple of things that have caught my eye. There is such beautiful stuff here on TeaChat..weakens my resistance.... :oops:

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Jun 9th, '08, 09:11
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Re: Fo Shou or Buddha Hand

by chamekke » Jun 9th, '08, 09:11

Salsero wrote:Hey where is the ALL OF THE ABOVE alternative!

I am still grooving on oolongs. This one is Fo Shou, Buddha Hand, from Yong Chun in Fujian Province. Hobbes madea nice poston this tea in February.

  • <<click on the photo to see another photo of the Nakoso yunomi with its hat on>>
Salsero... your photo is gorgeous (as always).

You have also awakened in me a DEEP CRAVING for that yunomi.

Can you please share where you found it?

Currently craving... yunomi! :wink:

In my cup... nothing (yet). I'm visiting my elderly father in Ontario and have abandoned my tea ways for the time being. It's all Red Rose out here - when it's not coffee! {snif}

Jun 9th, '08, 09:33
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by Beanbean » Jun 9th, '08, 09:33

I only have 27 teapots so I could probably use another. :roll:

Assam from Grace Tea this morning. It s surprisingly chilly here for a mid June morning, only 48 degrees when I got up.

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Jun 9th, '08, 09:37
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by Aphroditea » Jun 9th, '08, 09:37

I need an All of the Above button!!! :lol:

I have a glass teapot and tomorrow I will be a personaliTEA (replacing my broken ceramic pot). I have four small cups and my giant Alice in Wonderland cup. I also have a mini-gaiwan.

So.....I have had my eye on several things. A full gaiwan. A bamboo gungfu tray. A Korean tea filter cup. Handmade chai cups. A new clay or ceramic pot, a cast iron pot. Handmade gongfu set....

I spent a lot of time 'window' shopping yesteday. I am putting together a wish list ;)

Of course, I have NO idea where all this stuff will GO, but, still.... :)

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Jun 9th, '08, 09:41
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by joelbct » Jun 9th, '08, 09:41

3 Chaire (tea caddies) are in the mail, and after they arrive, I think my collection will be relatively complete, for my purposes at least. I'm taking a pottery class starting in July though, I want to learn how to make simple Chawan (Tea Bowls).


Jun 9th, '08, 09:44
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by hirtue » Jun 9th, '08, 09:44

Teapot, yunomi, tray, cherry bark stuff... so much to choose from! Although I already have my eyes set on few chawans and possibly a pot. No money at the moment though, gotta save some soon.

Sencha karigane from hibiki-an for today. Very refreshing for a hot summer day, enjoying it very much.