Wednesday should be TeaDay, 6/11/08

BYOT! Enter TeaChat here, you never know what you may find!

"Tea na" wondered where were you when you discovered TEA?

With a friend
Another country
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Jun 11th, '08, 03:07
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Wednesday should be TeaDay, 6/11/08

by Chip » Jun 11th, '08, 03:07

Yesterday, more TeaChatters chose particular herbals more than any other tea as the tea they would not drink even if it was the last tea on earth. You can still vote and discuss this topic.

Welcome everyone to a great day for tea. Shall we all brew and share what is in our cups today? All day? If you need to, you can reflect back upon your TeaDay.

Today's TeaPoll and discussion topic was suggested by "Tea na" who wondered where were you when you when you discovered tea. Please share with us your story.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone on TeaDay. Bottoms up, refill, repeat often...

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Jun 11th, '08, 03:47
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Bao Zhong, pretty fired?

by Salsero » Jun 11th, '08, 03:47

I am so looking forward to following that Oolong Box Pass on its journey. When will they be starting it? Are the doors still open or have they already closed for this round? My impression is that half of TeaChat has already signed up. Oolong always seems to me the common ground where almost everyone finds something they really like. Even non-tea-drinkers.

I am getting in the mood with a Bao Zhong. Unfortunately, this particular one looks to me pretty roasted. [insert frowny face here] Still, even roasted, it's better than no bao zhong!
<<click as much as you want today, but nothing will happen. I broke the clicking machine. Hopefully, it will be back in working order soon.>>

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Jun 11th, '08, 04:02
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by Beidao » Jun 11th, '08, 04:02

I'm making some Yunnan right now. Need to WAKE UP *yawn* So it will be lots and lots of black tea.

Later I'll have Sencha, the very last. Will miss it :cry: until I buy more :lol:

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Jun 11th, '08, 04:10
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by olivierco » Jun 11th, '08, 04:10

I discovered tea at home. Teabags were always offered as well as coffee when my parents had guests for dinner.
For more real tea, it was also home: my parents bought for me a Twinnings Darjeeling (or black tea I don't quite remember) tin.
For true real tea, during my studies in Paris, I bought some tea packages at Mariage Frères after reading a newspaper article about them and began my tea brewing experimentation.

This morning Yunnan golden tips and some shincha soon.

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Jun 11th, '08, 06:24
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by ThinkingOutLoud » Jun 11th, '08, 06:24

Tea at home as soon as I was weaned. Loose leaf at home, too, when I decided to get more serious. Coffee (gasp) this morning as my Mom is here and really serious about her morning java. I'll try to get her on some tea later today.

Jun 11th, '08, 07:24
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by CanadaBlue » Jun 11th, '08, 07:24

TEA, that is real tea, not the dusty stuff in cheap tea bags, discovered me at home. My son at college signed up with Adagio and sent us some samples of green and white tea. I never knew tea could taste so good!

(some of those teas and herbal infusions made popular by some celestial company also kept me from 'discovering' real tea)

O - Silver Needle this morning.

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Jun 11th, '08, 07:55
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by Selaphiel » Jun 11th, '08, 07:55

I was home. I was reading about tea on the internet and got fascinated by all the knowledge and types of tea. So I went out to buy some real tea.

Drinking some Wu Yi traditional Shui Xian oolong at the moment. Lovely tea. It`s overall pretty honey sweet but the aroma is initiated by a burned taste with some acidity. This was a sample, I`m gonna order more of this for sure.

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Jun 11th, '08, 08:09
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by omegapd » Jun 11th, '08, 08:09

Started the tea journey on vacation, in a hotel room in London. Tea was put out instead of coffee with the little travel coffee pot. I was probably 13 or so and liked it.

Ceylon in the cup this a.m.


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Jun 11th, '08, 09:14
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by witches brew » Jun 11th, '08, 09:14

I am a third-generation tea drinker, so I can't say it was a process of discovery. Tea was the status quo in my childhood home.

I've gone my own direction with it, of course.

Peppermint tisane in my cup this morning.

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Jun 11th, '08, 09:54
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by TimeforTea » Jun 11th, '08, 09:54

I discovered loose leaf tea at home while reading about tea on the Internet. I stumbled onto adagio's web site.

I discovered the taste of loose leaf tea when I had a delicious chocolate-mint tea for dessert at a restaurant about a year or so ago. I wish I knew what vendor those teas were from.

This morning, I brewed 50/50 white peach/white blueberry. I am looking forward to trying this iced later in the day.

Jun 11th, '08, 10:01
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by Scarlet Glow » Jun 11th, '08, 10:01

Well, I was both on vacation and with a friend... but I voted "with a friend."

It was August of 2007 - school was still out for the summer and my friend, his parents, and I took a trip to Indianapolis. My friend and his dad are amazing chefs so they, of course, had to stop at Wild Oats... along with other fresh food markets.

I eventually became bored with them arguing over which of the 27 different cheeses would be best on a hamburger and took a walk. I came to the tea aile and was like "wait, there is more than Lipton?" :shock:

After my friend found me in the aile, he explained the four kinds and the difference between loose and bagged.

I've been learning everything I can about tea ever since. :wink:

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Jun 11th, '08, 10:04
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by Victoria » Jun 11th, '08, 10:04

Happy Birthday Omegapd!

Good Morning Everyone, Yunnan Gold in my cup this monring.

Tea was always there at home growing up. It wasn't untill I
discovered Adagio and Oolongs that it truly became a way of life.

The oolong Box Pass is still open - you can sign up -Here.

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Jun 11th, '08, 10:11
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by auggy » Jun 11th, '08, 10:11

I voted for at home, but I've "discovered" tea several times but it's only been this last one that "stuck". The first two times I was traveling - once to England and then to Japan. But I just drank and enjoyed those times, I never made it myself. I tried to make Japanese greens when I got home but didn't know about the temp thing, once I figured that out (and it took me years!) it kicked off my most recent tea discovery and it happened at home.

Czar Nicholas II tea from the tea box this morning. It's different - kind of a floral Earl Grey. Kind of like it. A bit strong, but still good.

Fingers crossed that Dell will fix my computer today. I miss it. *pets laptop-brick*

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Jun 11th, '08, 10:16
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by tenuki » Jun 11th, '08, 10:16

I've drunk tea as long as I remember.
  • DoMatcha premium goodness in my Chawan
  • FLT Baozhong competition grade 'farmers choice' from 2008 spring harvest in my yunomi

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Jun 11th, '08, 10:21
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by Salsero » Jun 11th, '08, 10:21

auggy wrote:Fingers crossed that Dell will fix my computer today. I miss it. *pets laptop-brick*
We are feeling for you Auggy. I know how frustrating it is when those darn things don't work.

In my cup: Red Rose in honor of Omegapd's b-day. Only 98 more bags to go! Image

I moved from ancient Lipton teabags I found in a drawer at the office to loose tea when I read an article in the New York Times about the growth of national interest in premium tea. Adagio was one of several companies they mentioned.