These teas can resemble virtually any flavor imaginable.

Feb 14th 08 5:50 am
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by teasbest » Feb 14th 08 5:50 am

can anyone recommend a good lychee tea?

organic preferred, (perhaps not possible),
but it has to be all natural with no artifical
flavor. I'd like a really good quality.

Feb 24th 08 1:17 am
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by teasbest » Feb 24th 08 1:17 am

No one answered my post so I'll answer it myself! :D

I've just had a sample of Draonwater Tea Company's
Lychee and it was good.

It was as good as the tea previously ordered from
a guy in China that I don't care to order from again.

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Apr 25th 08 12:48 am
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by keelyn » Apr 25th 08 12:48 am

I've had Dragonwater's and it is good but my favorite yet is from I can't say anything about it being organic or naturally flavored, but I think it has a much more natural flavor and a better black tea base than Dragonwater's. Higher quality imo. Unfortunately, I do think they have to ship from China.

By the way, have you tried Dragonwater's lychee iced? It is delicious!

Jun 11th 08 4:49 am
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by teasbest » Jun 11th 08 4:49 am

Thank you for your recommendation. I will keep that in mind. I just ordered from
Teacuppa, which is naturally scented. I plan on trying Upton also. Imperial Tea has one. I'll try them all eventually to see which I like.

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Jun 11th 08 4:52 pm
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by keelyn » Jun 11th 08 4:52 pm

I did an experiment for you today. I had some lychee tea left from Upton and Dragonwater and I brewed them side by side according to the same parameters. Conclusion: they are the same tea. I think Dragonwater either buys some of their tea in bulk from Upton or they have a supplier in common for some of their tea. (Also see: Turkish Apple tisane from both of these companies.)

I've also recently tried some lychee teas that I cannot recommend. Enjoying Tea's lychee oolong and Tea Logic's lychee black have simliar flavoring that doesn't taste anything like lychee to me. More of a general fruit punch like sweetness, which is too bad because both vendors sell some very good teas. What's worse is the oolong's base tea comes out nasty when brewed, although Tea Logic's black tea is good.

Indigo Tea's lychee has also been recommended to me, but since 4 oz. is the smallest size they sell I haven't bothered ordering from them yet.

Please post your thoughts on the Teacuppa or any other lychee teas you try!

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Jun 11th 08 5:17 pm
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by Mary R » Jun 11th 08 5:17 pm

Dragonwater's got a nice handful of sources. I know they're big on purchasing from SpecialTeas...buying directly from Upton wouldn't really surprise me...but I don't think Upton does that. Maybe they do have a common supplier. Ah...more research.

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Jun 13th 08 1:54 pm
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by kymidwife » Jun 13th 08 1:54 pm

Did I read somewhere that Dragonwater and Teavana also have some of the same products from the same supplier?


Jun 14th 08 5:19 am
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by teasbest » Jun 14th 08 5:19 am

Oh, good information! Especially, Keelyn -- now I don't have to do that

I wish all tea companies would offer small size samples. I hate to order large
quantities of unknowns. Lychee is one of my favorites, so I'm willing to go
the extra to get a good one.

Imperial Tea Court says that their tea is infused with natural extract and artificial Lychee essence. Haven't ordered there.

Teacuppa is coming on a slow boat so it will be a while until I get to taste it.

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Jun 19th 08 9:27 pm
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by keelyn » Jun 19th 08 9:27 pm

teasbest - Glad I could help. As you can see I've been on a similar quest to find good lychee teas. Breaking with my own tradition of not buying in bulk, I've ordered 100 g of lychee from Yunnan Sourcing(hey, it's coming all the way from China, why not?) with some other teaware and things. When that slow boat arrives I will post my opinion.

kymidwife - Yeah Mary R had some rather detailed info on her blog about possible Dragonwater and Teavana tea-incest. Worth checking out to anyone who dabbles in drinking flavored teas.

Jun 26th 08 1:35 am
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by teasbest » Jun 26th 08 1:35 am

The lychee from Teacuppa has good flavor, perhaps more delicate then some other lychee teas. This may be because of the natural flavor. I would reorder this.

Keelyn: - Yes, now that I remember, some years ago, I ordered that lychee from Yunnan Sourcing. At the time, I thought it was good, strong flavor and I liked it. It has long been gone and I forgot about it. At that time I thought I would be able to order all my teas from one or two companies which now I know is not possible. So I sort of never thought of it again. I think you will like it.

While surfing, I found that Jingsteashop has an organic lychee. They don’t say how
it is scented. I will order this in the near future.