Friendly hello!

Please introduce yourself here to our membership

Jun 14th, '08, 12:05
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Friendly hello!

by themadhatter444 » Jun 14th, '08, 12:05

Hi! My name is Trevor. I haven't been a forum-goer in quite some time but have recently started getting into tea. This seems like a fun community so I wanted to sign up and learn all I can.

I love green with Gunpowder and Sencha Premier being my favorites. I usually have a cup of Chamomile before bed because I like to think that it helps me fall asleep.

I recently posted my first video review of Gunpowder for Adagios feedback contest. I'd like to do a few more, but we'll see what happens.

Anyway, thanks and have a good afternoon!

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Jun 14th, '08, 12:27
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by Victoria » Jun 14th, '08, 12:27

Welcome! Please come join us on TeaDay and tell us what is in your cup currently!

I'm off to check out your video!


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Jun 14th, '08, 15:34
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by olivierco » Jun 14th, '08, 15:34


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Jun 14th, '08, 18:04
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by Wesli » Jun 14th, '08, 18:04

I started with gunpowder and sencha as well!

---had to give up the gunpowder cuz they just don't make it like they used to. :cry:

Welcome, Trevor.

edit: Really like your video! Very charismatic!

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Jun 21st, '08, 02:34
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by Chip » Jun 21st, '08, 02:34

Pardon me for not saying hi and welcome to TeaChat earlier! I see you are making your way around the forum...see you there!

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Jun 21st, '08, 02:48
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by chamekke » Jun 21st, '08, 02:48

Welcome, Trevor!

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