Sep 20th, '05, 11:30

Which Green Tea has the MOST anti-oxidants?

by Guest » Sep 20th, '05, 11:30

Out of Dragon Well, Dragon Pheonix Pearl, Gen Mai Cha, Gunpowder Imperial, and Japanese Green, which one has the most anti-oxidant properties?

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Nov 8th, '05, 03:16
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by Marlene » Nov 8th, '05, 03:16


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Dec 6th, '05, 14:01
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by PeteVu » Dec 6th, '05, 14:01

i just read in the NYTimes that there is little STRONG evidence that the antioxidants found in tea prevent cancer. at the very least the stuff still tastes good.

Dec 13th, '05, 12:19
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by procarel » Dec 13th, '05, 12:19

I began drinking tea a few years ago for the health benefits and so steered primarily toward green and white teas. Since then I have come to appreciate the flavor and the process of making the tea. I really enjoy the subtle flavors of the various white teas such as silver needle and the white peony. They have become my favorites along with dragon well tea. It might be all in my head but I've noticed that for the past two years I feel my health has benefited. It is probably the goodness of the tea but perhaps the enjoyment of the process of brewing it as well. I find it very enjoyable.

Dec 14th, '05, 09:42

by Guest » Dec 14th, '05, 09:42

I Guess it`Matcha

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