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Dec 14th, '05, 01:27
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Old ingenuiTEA's?

by robert_anderson » Dec 14th, '05, 01:27

Are there any left? Could they be available for cheaper? Or did you guys wait until you sold all those until you made the new available?

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Dec 14th, '05, 01:32
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by Libertatis » Dec 14th, '05, 01:32

a bargain hunter! I lilke your style! :D I am pretentious though, i already have the old IngenuiTEA so i must get the new one for myself!

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Dec 14th, '05, 19:51
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by ilya » Dec 14th, '05, 19:51

Sorry, we sold out of all but a few of the old ingenuiTEAs.

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