Water temp

White and yellow teas are among the most subtle.

Dec 27th, '05, 17:46

Water temp

by Guest » Dec 27th, '05, 17:46

What finger should I use to find out if water temperature is already at 180? Rule of thumb? Obviously I do not have a thermometer.

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Dec 28th, '05, 09:07
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by klemptor » Dec 28th, '05, 09:07

I can't have read that correctly.

You can look at the water. You might not want to stick your fingers in it. If it's forming bubbles on the bottom and is giving off a small amount of steam, but isn't boiling yet, then you're good. :)

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Dec 28th, '05, 09:56
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by Tadiera » Dec 28th, '05, 09:56

The general rule I was given by the person who introduced me to tea;

Get the water to a boil, then wait a minute or two before putting the leaves in. I usually go to nearer to two minutes and my whites and greens turn out fairly well.

Dec 29th, '06, 00:39
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by kissmyhuman » Dec 29th, '06, 00:39

I get the water to a very low rolling boil (air bubbles are just starting to pop from the bottom) and then I take it off the heat and wait about 4 to 5mins before brewing. At the office from the hot water dispenser I wait about 2 mins. I'd estimate the temp around 160 or so.

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