Powderd Sencha

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Dec 30th, '05, 15:53

Powderd Sencha

by dian » Dec 30th, '05, 15:53

I have ordered powdered sencha from other online vendors which specialize in Japanese teas. It's similar to matcha, but much less expensive. I like to order the organic sencha. You simply stir a small amount of what is pure powdered tea leaf into water and drink - it's really simple. It tastes great, is very convienent, and seems to have a much higher antioxident level than a standard infusion of tea. I'd love it if Adagio carried this product.

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Dec 30th, '05, 17:13
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by jogrebe » Dec 30th, '05, 17:13

If you want it from Adagio just buy some sencha and a mortar and pestle from a local health food store and make your own. I experiment with making my own matcha like powdered green teas and they turn out fine with the proper texture just like store bought matcha.

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