Jan 9th, '06, 22:42
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Offer: Rooibos Samplers to Trade

by AnnaAult » Jan 9th, '06, 22:42

I've got a bunch of rooibos samplers I'd like to trade or give away. Some are slightly less then full, since I did sample them! Just not to my taste, I'm afraid.

I have rooibos berry, vanilla, tropics, mango and the organic plain.

Anyone interested?


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Jan 10th, '06, 09:04
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by Dani » Jan 10th, '06, 09:04

I'd be interested! I keep meaning to pick up all of those (except the plain, I've got that one already), but I just haven't gotten to it yet. I could trade vanilla, apricot, spearmint, gingerbread, and forest berries.

Jan 11th, '06, 16:09
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by AnnaAult » Jan 11th, '06, 16:09


I'd love to try the Forest Berries and the Vanilla --- email me at
Anna_Ault at hotmail dot com so we can trade mailing addresses.


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Jan 11th, '06, 16:27
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Contact: jogrebe

by jogrebe » Jan 11th, '06, 16:27

AnnaAult, in general its better to PM your email address instead of posting it out in the open on a forum where SPAM robots can find it. That being said you might want to edit the post to remove your email address or at least spell it out (ie Anna_Autl at hotmail dot com)

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Jan 11th, '06, 16:38
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Contact: chris

by chris » Jan 11th, '06, 16:38

site admin to the rescue!

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Jan 12th, '06, 09:53
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by cess » Jan 12th, '06, 09:53

Nice work Chris! Which super hero are you? I think we still have Batman in here as well. We are so safe. :D

Jan 12th, '06, 14:15
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by AnnaAult » Jan 12th, '06, 14:15

Thank for the heads up guys! And Chris - ty for the fix.

Always nice to feel so well cared for. :D