Australian (NSW in particular) Tea stops!

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Jul 27th, '08, 09:30
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Australian (NSW in particular) Tea stops!

by evilive » Jul 27th, '08, 09:30

If anyone is in the NSW area of Australia, or is considering a holiday here, the following is a list of some places you can get your tea fix :)

The Tea Centre: Not only does the Tea Centre have 8 different shops across Australia, some of their shops have tea rooms where you can try their tea. Their Sydney store is the only one I've visited. Whilst their selection is great (180+ teas), there is 1 guy who works there who ALWAYS uses too much leaf and too hot water. Best get one of the ladies to serve you if you go :P

T2 Tea: I haven't found a T2 tea house where tea can be consumed, but at each of their shops I've been to, they've had a great range of tea and tea wares. They've also always had 3 or 4 samples of tea to try for free and often biscuits in the winter to go with their chai

Tea'se Me: They have no website, but Tea'se Me Tea Emporium in Wollongong is my local tea house. I adore it there :D Address is Shop 3, 146 Kiera St Wollongong 2500. If anyone is ever taking a holiday to Australia, please let me know so we can meet up for a drink here :)