High Tea Bridal Shower

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Jan 15th, '06, 22:45
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High Tea Bridal Shower

by ladygrey » Jan 15th, '06, 22:45

I am planning a bridal shower and wanted to have a high tea party. I have seen some tea rooms on tea map that seem good but I was wondering if anyone has had any really good experiences at any tea rooms in the San Francisco area. I'm planning on trying a couple out, but it would help if I could get some suggestions.

Jan 17th, '06, 18:39

san fran tearoom

by Guest » Jan 17th, '06, 18:39

I like Lovejoy's tea room in San Fran

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Jan 20th, '06, 17:29
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by Parelle » Jan 20th, '06, 17:29

It does sound like a great idea! I'd of course make sure there's other things available to drink (for the uneducated who don't enjoy tea, shame on them)

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Feb 3rd, '06, 22:13
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by ladygrey » Feb 3rd, '06, 22:13

Since some of you guys like this idea... do you have any suggestions for party favors or any other cute ideas? I found a tea room so I am well on my way!! Thanks

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Feb 4th, '06, 02:02
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by Parelle » Feb 4th, '06, 02:02

You know that Adagio offers wedding favors I hope? The min. quanity is a bit large for a shower I admit!

Feb 4th, '06, 10:13
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by garden gal » Feb 4th, '06, 10:13

-Get the little cellophone bags and fill them with a small amount of valentine's tea

-Get the display teas that are on sale right now and put one at each spot then have a pot with it sitting in the middle- that would be nice because you don't need anything special to use them

- I have bath tea bags that you can fill with lavendar or a bath tea mix that I gave for Christmas this year which were well received- just fill any cheap big tea bag with herbals/flowers

Apr 9th, '06, 09:49
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Bridal Shower

by Ms. Cuisine » Apr 9th, '06, 09:49

I hope your bridal shower went well. Looking forward to hear how well the place you chose did for you.
I am also a tea owner in Georgia, and held my first bridal shower yesterday. They maid of honor, who booked party, chose a pre-selected lunch menu with unlimited white swiss truffle tea, and ice tea (if anyone wanted it) instead of an afternoon tea. We always make a paper welcome sign for the guests to see when they arrive and take with them to add to their scrapbooks and pictures (they take) of the day. Just another way to make our guests feel welcome. Didn't mean to "advertise", just wanted to show you how each tea room can differ in their offerings.
Since I am new to this sight, I will look forward to your final outcome on your choice for a tea room, the menu you chose, and how you were served. :D

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Apr 9th, '06, 20:52
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by yresim » Apr 9th, '06, 20:52

I just had this idea the other day, while I was at Michael's, and thought I'd share:
1. Get an Adagio sampler for each person.
2. Get some tulle circles.
3. Get some ribbons.
4. Wrap each sampler in a tulle circle and tie with a ribbon.


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Apr 9th, '06, 22:52
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by Kestrel » Apr 9th, '06, 22:52

The PersonaliTea teapots would also be nice gifts.

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