Jan 16th, '06, 19:27
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How should stores display tea?

by Mina » Jan 16th, '06, 19:27

I found a little out of the way tea and spice shop this weekend. It had shelves upon shelves of tea stored in glass jars. I store my own tea in glass jars, but in cabinets because I know light ruins the flavor. The tea in this store wasn't in direct sunlight, but I wonder how good the quality is. I asked how long the tea stays in stock, and the salesgirl assured me they have high turnover and get shipments several times a week. I was surprised, as I had never heard of this store before and couldn't imagine it got a lot of foot traffic.

So...is it really okay to store tea in glass jars? They look so pretty on display....

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Jan 18th, '06, 09:12
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by teaspoon » Jan 18th, '06, 09:12

I'm pretty sure that as long as they don't have the sun shining on them they're okay. The shop where I work uses glass jars, and the tea still tastes perfectly fresh.


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Feb 14th, '06, 23:11
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by TeaFanatic » Feb 14th, '06, 23:11

The tea shop that I frequent uses big metal tins with nicely printed labels. They have green labels for green tea, white for white, etc. In the shop part, they have little tins of tea samples out in front that have a clear glass lid to let you see what the tea looks like and also to open up and smell. I think that works very well.

I think that my tea shop should also have those little tins availiable to look at when you are trying to decide what tea to try. It would make it a lot easier to smell it and see what it looks like before you get some. Just my opinion though.

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