Aug 11th, '05, 11:00

Where can I buy teacups and saucers at reasonable price for

by Geri » Aug 11th, '05, 11:00

:?: Where can I buy teacups and saucers at a reasonable price.My niece is planning on having an afternoon tea wedding reception and would like to give the teacups and saucers as favors Can anyone help me?

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Aug 11th, '05, 11:35
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by chris » Aug 11th, '05, 11:35

Have you visited Adagio's teaware section?

Our beautiful clear glass teapots and cups are very reasonably priced.... and the new personaliTEA is one of the most cost effective items on the market!


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Jan 15th, '06, 18:46
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by garden gal » Jan 15th, '06, 18:46

Anyone know where to find sandwich plates? I have a friend that is looking for a new set of 30.
She is coming over here (they don't have a computer) to look at the teapots and cups though- I told her how beautiful they are.

Jan 21st, '06, 19:05

Where to purchase tea cups and saucers.

by Shae » Jan 21st, '06, 19:05

Look on the internet at will find lots of good deals here.

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