New to Loose Green Tea

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

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Jan 24th, '06, 21:20
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New to Loose Green Tea

by Rette » Jan 24th, '06, 21:20

Hello! I have been drinking Lipton caffine free green tea for a few years, and I decided to delve into the world of loose green tea. Well, I'm having my first cup now, and it is Gunpowder. I must say, it tastes quite smokey, and very simliar to regular Teatley tea. I also purchased some Green Peace, and some Young Hyson. Has anyone ever heard of these, or tried them? How much tea should I be brewing for a single mug?

Also, I purchased a cotton tea straining pouch. Any other methods of brewing the leaves that is easy and inexpensive? How about the mesh balls?

Thanks a lot for any input!

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Jan 24th, '06, 22:48
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by mijako10 » Jan 24th, '06, 22:48

I have a very good Morrocan Mint tea that is Gunpowder green tea and spearmint. I brew it for 3 - 4 minutes at a temperature of 175 - 185 degrees. The tea ends up fairly strong.

As for infusers, a mesh ball isn't the best way to go. The tea doesn't have enough room to expand so the flavor isn't as good. I used to spoon the leaves out but now I use a brewing basket that I got at a grocery store. It's made by the Republic of Tea company and it's great. I also just ordered the ingenuiTEA brewing mug from Adagio tonight so I can't wait to see how it works. It's very highly reccommended.

Feb 6th, '06, 18:40

by Cyphre » Feb 6th, '06, 18:40

There are a ton of green that are very good. I think loose leaf is the only way to go also. Theres a lot that makes a diffrence though. The kind of tea, the quality, the store you buy it from, and the quality of the leaf (Whether being broken or whole). I buy my loose leaf from Holy Mountain trading company ( ) . My suggestion is to get samplers of green so you can see where your tastes lay. I find I like Chinese greens out of everything. Dragonwell ( lung ching) the highest quality is about the best green I could find. Also Dragon Pheonix Pearl Jasmine green is a a very good tea.

I would also suggest not using a mesh ball. You will notice the flavor is not as good. I have a large open mouth strain I got from that website.

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