Another benefit of drinking puerh

One of the intentionally aged teas, Pu-Erh has a loyal following.

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Aug 23rd, '08, 22:14
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Another benefit of drinking puerh

by tony shlongini » Aug 23rd, '08, 22:14

Prior to discovering puerh, I would drink oolongs and greens exclusively, in the approximate ratio of 90/10, respectively. Now man does not live by Bai Ji Guans harvested by trained pandas or An Ji Bai Pians plucked by overage gymnasts (ie: over 12) alone, so I had to augment my supply with "every day" teas, none of which were particularly thrilling. Consuming average to merely good teas on a regular basis lowered my overall opinion of oolongs and greens in general.

Now that puerh has become my daily choice, representing better than 90% of my tea consumption, I find myself enjoying the occasions when I break out a green or oolong far better than ever before. The reason is simple- I can now get by with small quantities of the very best I can find, and it's always a treat to try a top flight product. Best of all, it doesn't diminish my appreciation of puerh, which is an entirely different animal. In this manner, puerh has increased my enjoyment of other teas.

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Aug 23rd, '08, 23:10
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by shogun89 » Aug 23rd, '08, 23:10

I agree 100%. A well thought out and conclusive statement. Nice!

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