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Aug 27th, '08, 17:49
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Offer: Empty 4 oz tea tins

by DangerInRed » Aug 27th, '08, 17:49

I have 14 (yes, count 'em, 14!) empty 4 oz tea tins left over from the Adagio custom tea blends circle I hosted. They need a bit of cleaning, but are in otherwise lovely shape. (Although I can't guarantee they won't get dinged up during shipping, I will try to pack them the best I can). They still have their labels on 'em as well, so if you wanna relabel them it's up to you.

If anyone wants them, or some of them, all I ask is that you cover the cost of shipping. PM me if you're interested, preferably ASAP as I'm moving up to school on Saturday, hence the need to get them outta here!

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Aug 28th, '08, 18:51
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by Aphroditea » Aug 28th, '08, 18:51

I believe soapy was looking for some tins, or at least was asking about empty tins in the reccomendations section of the forum. Perhaps PM him/her to see if s/he wants them at all?

I have enough on my hands otherwise I'd help out ;) *hugs*

Aug 30th, '08, 15:46
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Contact: soapy

by soapy » Aug 30th, '08, 15:46

ohhhh not sure I'd want them all but I could use a few...I'm located in MA if that helps too...

let me know I'm sure your busy at the moment with back to school

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Sep 8th, '08, 18:55
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by DangerInRed » Sep 8th, '08, 18:55

Hi mods, could you close this topic please? Thanks!