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One of the intentionally aged teas, Pu-Erh has a loyal following.

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Aug 30th, '08, 11:13
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by heavydoom » Aug 30th, '08, 11:13

shogun89 wrote:I think some nice blended cakes would be good for your experiment. They are cheap so you dont have to worry about loosing alot of money and they are meant for aging.

Try this one ... dZViewItem
i agree, menghai cakes, you can't go wrong. classic blends. *8582* blend too. some say there is not much difference with the two batches of 802 and 801.

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Aug 30th, '08, 11:17
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by shogun89 » Aug 30th, '08, 11:17

The honey sent will be much more interesting to hear about, as I do not think that 1 summer will age a cake, But still TRY IT! Maybe you will start something new. Honey cakes!

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Aug 30th, '08, 19:30
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by eanglin » Aug 30th, '08, 19:30

I like the Menghai idea, but It almost *has* to be a brick to fit in the frame. I'll have to put brick and frame together, but I think I can fit three bricks side by side in a deep frame.

Puershop has some nice green Mengku bricks for around $10 (IIRC- Must check) I don't know if I want to risk throwing away more than $20-$30.
I have until next May to find something interesting- winter conditions would be horrible for the tea. This would have to be strictly a summer experiment.

I got a sample of this, and it is fairly nice- think it would suit? ... cts_id=400

All Yunnansoucings Menghai factory greens are discs, not bricks, except for one rather expensive premium brick.

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Aug 31st, '08, 10:02
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by brandon » Aug 31st, '08, 10:02

Looks like a winner. Get a second brick to keep inside for comparison?

An aside on the subject of aging bricks:
We recently learned here[1] that puerh kept in sturdy cardboard boxes can age much slower in low humidity.
Most of the bricks I have gotten from Scott have been in card board boxes - do you unbox your raw bricks for aging? I figure it is no big deal for my ripe bricks, they are a few years old and have already mellowed to my liking.


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