60's Guang Yun Gong Beeng 340g

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Aug 31st, '08, 06:09
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by Proinsias » Aug 31st, '08, 06:09

Just to add the expensive pu links:


Probably aswell there are no prices if people are struggling with the 1950's stuff.

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Aug 31st, '08, 10:04
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by tony shlongini » Aug 31st, '08, 10:04

scruffmcgruff wrote:
tony shlongini wrote:Oh, and get posting- you only have 100 posts there. :lol:
Haha, yeah, I haven't been there in a while. I bought a couple vintage razors, a couple new ones, and eventually just settled in with what I liked. I go back to check out shaving cream reviews when I'm in need of some more, though I guess I should at least participate in the speakeasy and barber shop forums. :) Have they come out with the B&B essential brush yet (the one with the clear acrylic handle)?

(Sorry for being so far OT, by the way!)
I received a prototype of the essential brush from Nick and Joel almost a year ago, but they officially released the first batch around a month ago. It's a great brush for the price. Those old razors rock, and I keep changing my mind about which ones I prefer.
Next time you're there, say hello.

We now return to our regularly scheduled program.

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