Tuesday TeaDay 9/02/08 CRAVE FACTOR of black tea

BYOT! Enter TeaChat here, you never know what you may find!

Your personal "CRAVE FACTOR" for black teas is ...

10 I cannot resist the Dark Side
9 I realllly realllly crave 'em, even the night before
8 I realllly crave 'em
7 I certainly crave them
6 Yep, cravin' blacks
5 Maybe, though crave might be too strong a word
4 I like them, maybe, but not craving them
3 No, I do not crave them
2 Don't really like them
1 Hate them
No votes
Total votes: 62

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Sep 2nd, '08, 01:10
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Tuesday TeaDay 9/02/08 CRAVE FACTOR of black tea

by Chip » Sep 2nd, '08, 01:10

Welcome everyone to TeaDay! Shall we brew and share what is in our cups today, all day!

Yesterday, TeaChatters generally felt that "tea" was never considered work. You can still vote and discuss yesterday's topic.

Today's TeaPoll and discussion topic opens a new segment of TeaDay, announcing the "CRAVE FACTOR." Today, we discuss the crave factor of black tea based on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest craving. So, please share where black teas fall for you personally on the Crave Scale!!!

I am craving sharing TeaDay with everyone today. So, bottoms up ...

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Sep 2nd, '08, 01:12
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Eternal Tea

by Salsero » Sep 2nd, '08, 01:12

Our own TIM, more commonly sighted in the IM than in the forums, sent me a sample of some magnificent 2004 Wuyi. The idea is that I am supposed to brew this tea as normal, then make one pot per day by letting it sit overnight for some weeks – so far I think the record is six weeks.

As for many Wuyi teas, aficionados recommend putting a LOT in the pot. In this case I have about 12 grams in a 150 ml pot. That’s about ¾ full after vigorously shaking the dry leaves down to settle. It tastes of some sort of powerful luscious fruit, not too sweet, maybe dried apricot or peach. There’s a tiny hint of caramel or chocolate, a little astringency but not as much as an Assam. Despite the pretty color, it is full of very masculine, assertive tastes: pipe tobacco, cigars, orange peel. So far I’ve done 9 infusions of this stuff, all for 15 seconds or less. I am about ready to believe that it will infuse forever: the eternal tea!


The pre-infusion dry leaves can be seen HERE. After 9 infusions, those black leaves are starting to show some green as the roast washes off.

Another member of the illustrious TeaChat Class of ’06, Phyll Sheng, seems to be following a similar path, but with a redder looking result and lining up the infusions like shot glasses on a bar. I have the impression that Chip does his sencha in this parade style.

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Sep 2nd, '08, 01:22
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by rainbow » Sep 2nd, '08, 01:22

Well, I voted 10, as I absolutely crave black tea all day everyday. My favorite teas are almost all black teas. Though I like and drink a number of greens and whites, it's mostly black tea for me. A good Assam, a Yunnan, or a Darjeeling does it for me every time. I really only seem to crave white and green tea in the evening- every other time it's black tea.

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Sep 2nd, '08, 01:29
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by Salsero » Sep 2nd, '08, 01:29

I guess I don't crave them because I can go for days or weeks without. Didn't used to be the case. A year ago, I felt it had to be black in the AM.

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Sep 2nd, '08, 03:08
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by Victoria » Sep 2nd, '08, 03:08

Yep, cravin' blacks - definitely crave Darjeelings

Not all the time, but yep, I crave them.

Have a nice day everyone!

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Sep 2nd, '08, 06:29
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by olivierco » Sep 2nd, '08, 06:29

7/10. I quite always have black tea (Yunnan golden tips or Keemun usually) with breakfast and I very often drink Darjeeling.

Houjicha with my lunch right now.

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Sep 2nd, '08, 06:34
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by chrl42 » Sep 2nd, '08, 06:34

I don't really crave em.
I sometimes drink Yixing or Keemun however..

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Sep 2nd, '08, 06:38
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by Dr. Eel » Sep 2nd, '08, 06:38

blacks aren't really my cuppa. I do enjoy what chinese call black, though: pu-erh.

Mondays suck. Wait it's Tuesday. Whatever...

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Sep 2nd, '08, 07:57
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by Terrasi » Sep 2nd, '08, 07:57

I still keep the yunnan gold around. It's the last black I ever really "crave".

I was completely on black tea until I found the oolongs.

Sometimes I think black tea is the gateway drug.

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Sep 2nd, '08, 08:13
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by Cinnamon » Sep 2nd, '08, 08:13

Terrasi wrote:Sometimes I think black tea is the gateway drug.
I think I've just found my new catch phrase! :wink:

I voted a 5. There are one or two that I love and don't ever see giving up (Earl Grey, for instance), but I also have discovered the oolongs, as well as rooibos and honeybush. I still keep a few blacks on hand, however, because every girl needs to have some basic black. :D


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Sep 2nd, '08, 08:41
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by CynTEAa » Sep 2nd, '08, 08:41

Good morning! Picked 8 in the poll. Love the depth and intensity of a good black tea when my taste buds (and brain) and sleepy. Like now. :)

Happy Tuesday!

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Sep 2nd, '08, 08:43
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by Selaphiel » Sep 2nd, '08, 08:43

4 -I have a cup of black every now and then, but never crave it.

Gonna have some Yutaka Midori in a few minutes :)

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Sep 2nd, '08, 09:07
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by Smari » Sep 2nd, '08, 09:07

I used to crave black tea but not anymore. If offered, sure I'll have some. I'm more of a green tea girl anyway :)

This morning I managed to grab the last scoop of genmai cha extra green before my friend got to it. Mmm, victory has never tasted so good :twisted:

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Sep 2nd, '08, 09:31
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by omegapd » Sep 2nd, '08, 09:31

8 for me. Before I started getting into Pu-erh, it would have been 10.

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Sep 2nd, '08, 09:44
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by Beidao » Sep 2nd, '08, 09:44

Earlier today only had a double espresso :roll: It's SO HARD to manage getting up and go to these eleven a.m. lectures *yawns*

Now, Dong Ding, second infusion. First one was way to weak. I like my DD strong.

I had a feeling of having almost no tea at home and having to buy more. Counted: 30. Oops!