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brand new midnight matcha set.

by inspectoring » Aug 1st, '08, 23:49

Hello there - I purchased this about 3 wks ago from Teavana - its called Midnight Matcha. It has NEVER been used and I have lost the receipt so I can not return it.
Here is a link for it. ... ha-Set.axd

(Ret value is 70 $)
Includes the matcha bowl
Chasen/80 Tate (whisk - 80 bristle)
Natsume (Black lacquered container for the Matcha)
Chashaku (bamboo tea scoop)

1. Den's Hashiri Schincha - Opened it about 1.5 months ago - tried it 3-4 times and realized that is not my cup of tea. (unopened approx 24 $ - I don't remember). Since then refrigerated in a air tight container.

2. Rishi Premium Silver needle - 100 gm in a Republic of Tea air tight can. (I think about 30 $)
3. A premium sencha from my Girlfriend ( I think it is O-cha) - I can't remember the name but I 150 gm of it about 2 weeks ago. I will send you 100 gm of it in a air tight Republic of Tea can.

I am asking 60 $ for it and I will pay for shipping.

Disclaimer: Recently I have made a couple of posts regarding Rishi Silver Needle with a very positive review. Please know that I am including the teas to make the whole package appealing. When I posted my impressions of the tea I really did not know that I will be selling this stuff.

PLEASE NOTE: Bowl and all the other accessories are BRAND NEW - NEVER OPENED/USED. But please know that the rest is from my open stash which is meticulously stored in a refrigerator.

Please PM me and I will answer all your questions.
If you don't purchase this, thank you for looking.
I prefer paypal as this will protect you and myself. Alternatively you may send me a moneyorder.
Thank you.

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by knix » Sep 8th, '08, 14:39

sent you a pm

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by inspectoring » Sep 15th, '08, 01:08

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