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One of the intentionally aged teas, Pu-Erh has a loyal following.

Sep 10th, '08, 19:30
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by teakid » Sep 10th, '08, 19:30

The idea works in Hong Kong where people are too busy making money and have no to to raise their children (hence, they like to hire nannies) let alone puerh. Also, storage/living space is expensive there. The culture is not quite the same in North America.

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Sep 10th, '08, 19:31
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by wyardley » Sep 10th, '08, 19:31

tenuki wrote:Another angle... I pay for storage, etc now, I just buy good aged cakes after tasting them. If you do the cost amortization, etc I think you would find that this idea is more expensive than just buying aged cakes. Fortunately for Best Tea there are a lot of people who can't do math.
If you're buying the cakes at BTH's prices, it might still be a win. :>

But yeah - I think the geographic size of the US, combined with the low number of puer drinkers in any given area (or in the US in general) makes this idea difficult. Even people who are willing to pay for such a service might not want to pay much, and they'd have to be convinced that the person doing the storing had a good chance of sticking around for a while.

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Sep 13th, '08, 14:19
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by TIM » Sep 13th, '08, 14:19

how about adding a wine cellar / puerh storage in New York? A French Chinese invention : )

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Sep 13th, '08, 14:52
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by tony shlongini » Sep 13th, '08, 14:52

TIM wrote:how about adding a wine cellar / puerh storage in New York? A French Chinese invention : )
Cool idea, but not very likely. In NYC wine geeks must outnumber tea geeks by a thousand to one.

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Sep 13th, '08, 21:38
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by augie » Sep 13th, '08, 21:38

heavydoom wrote:what if a huge meteorite smashes the earth in the not too distant future? :cry:
What if your storage facility suffers damage of fire, flood, other disaster??? Will they reimburse you? Or are you just out of luck? Too much uncertanty when you can't see your tea!

Sep 13th, '08, 22:07
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by Proinsias » Sep 13th, '08, 22:07

I'm quite keen to hear the effects of all the different storage innovations. If you all club together and store the tea in some sort of pu garden of eden you may well spoil some of my fun. Many years from now I'm sure people will be paying huge sums of money for the exotic delights of Glasgow, Scotland stored pu - "These cakes have been carefully aged in a cupboard which experiences the effects of four seasons on most days, the subtle hint of guinea pig and cat can also be found in later infusions".

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