sweet water

White and yellow teas are among the most subtle.

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Feb 10th, '06, 16:53
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sweet water

by jogrebe » Feb 10th, '06, 16:53

I just had my first cups of real loose white tea (I no longer consider the teabag stuff “real white tea”) and I'm fairly impressed by it. To me its light taste is hard for me to describe beyond calling it sweet water. I made both a cup of Silver Needle and White Peony and to be quite honest they tasted exactly the same to me. Is there much of a taste difference between these two types of tea in general?

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Feb 10th, '06, 17:04
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by klemptor » Feb 10th, '06, 17:04

I was not impressed with the White Peony (aka Pai Mu Tan), which I felt to be too harsh. I am, however, having a torrid love affair with Silver Needle, which is very delicate and just completely enjoyable to me. I may just have to leave The Boyfriend if Silver Needle ever gets its act together long enough to buy me a ring.

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Feb 12th, '06, 20:14
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by AlTeavious » Feb 12th, '06, 20:14

Thats rather odd because I would have said the exact opposite, last time I had silver needle i found it much harsher than Pai Mu Tan, and a lot easier to get wrong as well... I've got some more silver needle coming though, maybe the last time I had it it was a bad batch.

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