Puerh and Kidney Stones

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Sep 25th, '08, 15:35
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Puerh and Kidney Stones

by knix » Sep 25th, '08, 15:35

I recently went to hell and back while passing a kidney stone. This is my second time passing one in 4 years. Now, I started drinking tea about 6 months ago, so I know the first stone had nothing to do with tea, but there was a 2nd one still in my kidney which I have housed for a few years until this past Monday. My personal thought is that the sheng/shu I have been drinking dislodged the stone to cleanse my body.

Has anyone heard if Puerh is good or bad for kidney stones?

I have to go visit my dr in a few weeks to get another Cat Scan, discuss what was causing the stones, and I wan't to bring solid information on Puerh and kidney stones. If you have any information on this please feel free to post it.


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Sep 25th, '08, 15:47
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by Bubba_tea » Sep 25th, '08, 15:47

Sorry to hear about your stones. I've heard it's worse than childbirth (from mothers who did it naturally). Did you collect them? What makes up the stones is important to help find out why they are occurring.

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Sep 25th, '08, 15:52
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Re: Puerh and Kidney Stones

by wyardley » Sep 25th, '08, 15:52

knix wrote:Has anyone heard if Puerh is good or bad for kidney stones?
My understanding is that caffeine in general may be bad for kidney stones, though I guess the newer research is that caffeine may not dehydrate people as much as they used to think, and in fact may help hydrate you. My dad has had kidney stones his whole life (and he's a big coffee drinker), and the doctors have always told him to drink more water and less coffee.

I would consult a doctor if you want medical advice about what's good or bad for your kidney stones, though.

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Sep 25th, '08, 15:58
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by xine » Sep 25th, '08, 15:58

I've never heard of kidney stone being worsened by consuming tea, or large amounts of it. I agree with others on the board- you should check out what your doctor has to say and let him know about your tea habits.

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Sep 25th, '08, 16:44
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by silverneedles » Sep 25th, '08, 16:44

tea is considered to contain oxalate

if too much oxalate is absorbed from the intestine it can favor formation of kidney stones.

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Sep 25th, '08, 16:45
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by wyardley » Sep 25th, '08, 16:45

Do you know already what type of stones you tend to get?

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Sep 25th, '08, 17:35
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by Wesli » Sep 25th, '08, 17:35

When I did my research on it, I found studies favoring both sides... Tea reduces chances of kidney stones forming, tea increases chances of kidney stones forming. I chose to go with the reduces side. :D Besides, you don't hear about heightened kidney stone cases in China and Tibet, do you?

I believe dehydration can cause kidney stones to form fairly fast. So if you haven't been drinking enough fluids... Tea doesn't dehydrate, but it doesn't hydrate you much either.

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Sep 25th, '08, 18:08
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by knix » Sep 25th, '08, 18:08

I won't find out what the stone is made of until I go back in a couple weeks. I do know this. This last kidney stone I just passed has been in my body for a couple of years. And I started drinking tea/puerh 6months ago. I don't think it will take a rocket scientist to figure this one out. Once I get my info from the Dr. I will report back to this thread.

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Sep 26th, '08, 17:42
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by VinceBLG » Sep 26th, '08, 17:42

I had a few stones a while back. They were translucent, tiny and sharp. Some stones are result of high mineral levels like calcium. Mine were from dehydration. When I was in my late teens I drank tons of snapple iced tea and almost no water.

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Sep 26th, '08, 19:00
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by Space Samurai » Sep 26th, '08, 19:00

Wesli wrote:Tea doesn't dehydrate, but it doesn't hydrate you much either.
I'd have to disagree with that.


I could post many more articles, but then again, I can easily find just as many that says tea does dehydrate you. In this case, I think tea is the victim of caffiene's bad, and sometimes unfounded, bad rep.

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Sep 27th, '08, 08:26
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by Cinnamon » Sep 27th, '08, 08:26

knix, I know just what you have been going through, having just passed a stone last week.

I just saw my doctor yesterday for a follow-up visit and he offered some interesting things. In most cases (and there are always exceptions to everything), stones seem to appear most often in people who are dehydrated, have too much sodium in the diet, and who consume a large amount of red meat and cheese.

Not knowing what your stones are comprised of, it's best that you wait until you see your doctor, but the majority of people have calcium stones, and it has been shone that lemon juice contains citrate, which can help calcium from binding to other minerals and forming crystals. He suggested a glass of lemonade every day- either fresh-squeezed or from concentrate. Just avoid the powder in a can. :)

Good luck and I hope everything goes well for you.


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Sep 28th, '08, 00:27
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by MarshalN » Sep 28th, '08, 00:27

Considering that my grandfather does not drink a drop of water (all tea), tea must hydrate, for otherwise he would have long been bone dry.

Sep 30th, '08, 14:22
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by beecrofter » Sep 30th, '08, 14:22

If you have had stones then you know they are no fun.
For every cup of tea ,coffee, soda, alcohol you consume also have a cup of water.
Hydration is the key to minimizing stone formation.
Some folks claim success by cutting their tap or spring water in half with distilled to lower the mineral content.
Your doc may also have you modify your diet.

Sep 30th, '08, 22:33
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by teakid » Sep 30th, '08, 22:33

Oh crap! I use maifan stones for brewing water. I might have to cut down on them.

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