Expired Mate?

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Oct 19th, '08, 01:02
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Expired Mate?

by JM » Oct 19th, '08, 01:02

I think the bag of Mate I just bought is expired, there's a date on it that reads "Venc 11, 2006."

Is that a packing date or expire date?

Is it safe to drink?

How long does mate last?


All of our teas are now labelled with a freshness date; posted in the yerba description. Almost all of the tea we sell comes stamped from the source with a freshness date--either an envasado (packaged) or vencimiento (sell-by) date. Yerba mate aficionados feel that, depending upon how it is stored, yerba mate is best when used within two years of being packaged. Of course nothing bad will happen to you when you drink old tea, and some people say it is fine two years even beyond the due date... however we feel that freshness and flavor is paramount in enjoying a good mate! The Yerba Mate Tea Gourd never sells expired tea and now you can be even more assured of our dedication to flavor!
All teas will be labelled as soon as possible after stocking.
Should I return the bag?



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Oct 19th, '08, 01:28
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by Vulture » Oct 19th, '08, 01:28

Per the inscructions it has a sell by date of november 2006. Which would give it a 'freshness' date of november 2008.

Yah if you just bought it, that means you bought it almost 2 years old. If its a tea that tastes better fresh, why put up with receiving 2 year old tea?

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Oct 19th, '08, 08:56
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by Sydney » Oct 19th, '08, 08:56

It's almost certainly safe to drink, but the flavor will not be the same.

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Oct 19th, '08, 14:38
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by JM » Oct 19th, '08, 14:38

Thanks folks, I took it back to the store.

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