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Oct 19th, '08, 19:35
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Offer: Spring 2008 Bai Mu Dan

by Maitre_Tea » Oct 19th, '08, 19:35

So I have 18 grams of Bai Mu Dan which I had purchased, only to find that I don't really like white teas. I bought this while I was in China, and the tea vendor told me this is pretty premium stuff. I'm not a big expert on white teas so I'm including a few photos.
I paid around $15 for 1.6 oz. I've been storing this tea in an airtight tin away from sunlight, high temperature, etc.
So what do I want in return?
18 grams (or more if you're generous) of one (or a combination of the following):
1. Any of the Wuyi teas (except for Da Hong Pao)
2. high roasted TGY
3. high roasted Taiwanese oolongs
Basically I just want high roasted teas...
PM with your offer and we'll sort out the details. Thanks! :D

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