Mildew Smell or Taste?

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Feb 28th, '06, 14:56
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Mildew Smell or Taste?

by Tiny's Teas » Feb 28th, '06, 14:56

I'm a huge tea fan and an even bigger Adagio fan. I have always thought their quality was amazing and have only been disappointed when a package of tea has opened up in shipment.

However, I've been experiencing some unpleasent smells and tastes with my herbal Berry Blues tea. Once steeped, it smells like mildew or mold. I bought a huge back to refill my tin and have tried several cups and it's always the same. Occasionaly now I can smell it when I brew a cup of my Herbal Strawberry. My other teas: Fruit Medly, Roobos, Berry Blast, Chamomille and others are all fine...but I am just starting to run low and I'm worried that my new orders might be the same.

Is anyone else having this problem. I know it is not my IngenuiTea Pot - I'm a clean freak and it gets washed properly and dried properly after each I don't have problems with my other teas!
Tiny's Teas

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Feb 28th, '06, 15:26
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by teamuse » Feb 28th, '06, 15:26

the only time i've ever had this happen to me is having tea that had gotten old and too hot a few times in humid weather.

i pitched it. no idea if it was really anything to worry about...but what a bummer

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Feb 28th, '06, 16:01
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by yresim » Feb 28th, '06, 16:01

If you bought the tea recently, you might want to contact Adagio and tell them about the issue. Maybe you can send it to them and get a replacement or something?

Is there any chance the containers weren't completely sealed during shipping? It has been raining a lot lately...

Oh, and you might want to try making your tea in another container, just in case. I know you said it can't possibly be your tea maker, but that way, you would have proof. If I were you, I would try the strawberry first, in case the blueberry transferred that flavor into your tea maker (which then got into your strawberry).

Just a thought.


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Feb 28th, '06, 19:53
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by jogrebe » Feb 28th, '06, 19:53

I had a similar issue with the last bulk bag of Pu Erh that I brought up here and I figured it was just lower quality "wet storage" grade than the previous year's batch. Regardless because it was Pu Erh I just aired out the tea for a few weeks to "age it" and it became more drinkable and I didn't think anything else of it given that its not unusual for lower quality Pu Erh to be a bit musty. Regardless as a result of this I started comparing the Pu Erh teas from other companies and discovered that with the exception of the box of Pu Erh teabags Adagio's Pu Erh is my least favorite compared to all of the others that I've tasted to date.

Feb 28th, '06, 23:10
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by garden gal » Feb 28th, '06, 23:10

I haven't had any trouble with any of my herbals at all (and I do have both berry blues and strawberry that were purchsed no too long ago). It is also that dry winter time here though. I actually thought when I first tried them that I wouldn't be wanting to get a large amount over the summer months as I would think that would be a problem- just like with granola or such.

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