One of the intentionally aged teas, Pu-Erh has a loyal following.

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Nov 7th, '08, 12:50
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by Jeremy » Nov 7th, '08, 12:50

Has anyone bought tea from Stephane at teamasters. He has a small and very expensive selection.

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Nov 7th, '08, 14:18
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by tenuki » Nov 7th, '08, 14:18

Yes, I've bought from him. I would say that in general his prices can be on the high side, but the quality is also generally good.

I've also found his tasting notes to be very accurate to my experience, something I can't say for just about every other puerh vendor excepting Hou De, who is also relatively expensive but quality.

However, you can get good puerh cheaper elsewhere, but it 's more of a crap shoot.

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Nov 7th, '08, 14:35
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by Salsero » Nov 7th, '08, 14:35

His 1990 CNNP Fang Cha Zhuan (brick) at $80 is a bargain. It may not be a magnificent 1990 tea, but it is a good one and it is hard to find even bad ones at this price.

His oolongs seem fairly priced for the quality, certainly not especially expensive.

I think part of the perception that his prices are high is that he tends to carry teas that are pricey to begin with ... high end Taiwan oolongs are never cheap nor are good aged teas.

Certainly there are some fine bargains out there, especially in the world of Puerh, but as Tenuki says, when you find cheaper things, you are likely to get cheaper things!

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Nov 7th, '08, 14:38
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by heavydoom » Nov 7th, '08, 14:38

his teas are of superb quality. when drinking his expensive teas, i suggest use small pots/gaiwans with small amounts of tea leaves.

mr. erler always includes some nice gifts in your order. always.

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Nov 10th, '08, 15:49
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by Jeremy » Nov 10th, '08, 15:49

I guess I had a little sticker shock at the 20-30$ samples. But he did give me his wishlist.

Thanks, anyone else have any faves from him. Thanks sal

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