My first pu order. . .

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Nov 18th, '08, 19:55
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My first pu order. . .

by Drax » Nov 18th, '08, 19:55

Well, technically I got some bits of pu-erh in the first few orders of tea that I made (some single-use ripened tuo cha; some bits of two raw beengs), but I sat down last night and brought together an order from the puerhshop and YSLLC.

2004 CNNP Old Tree Green Pu-erh Tea Cake
2006 Changtai Banna Tuocha
2005 Tongqing Pu-erh Tea Cake
2007 Guoyan Bulang Star Pu-erh Tea Cake
2006 Qinyin Pu-erh Tuocha (200g)
2006 Golden Sail Brand Loose Leaf Pu-erh Tea (4 Ounce)
2004 Premium Ripe Pu-erh Tea Brick


2007 Mengku * Mini Raw Pu-erh tea cake *
2008 Mengku Mu Ye Chun "Old Tree Green Cake" Raw Pu-erh
2008 Yong Pin Hao * Stone-Pressed Yi Wu Wild Arbor
2008 Hai Lang Hao "Star of Bu Lang" Raw tea cake *
2008 Guoyan "Queen of Yi Wu" Premium Raw Pu-erh tea
2003 CNNP "Yi Wu High Mountain Wild Arbor" Pu-erh
2007 Fu Hai "Yi Wu Large Leaf" Ripe Pu-erh tea *
2004 Xiaguan Bao Yan "Tibetan Flame" Raw Pu-erh Brick

I also picked up a couple of gaiwans and pots. Of course, after I placed this order, I noticed that I had completely missed a section of my to-get list. . . . doh! I spent enough, though, so I guess I'll be content and enjoy the stuff I got now.

I was really looking forward to trying some of that 2007 flame brick mentioned in another thread. So because I already had placed my puerhshop order, I ordered some of the 2004 stuff from YSLLC. Any idea if they'll be roughly the same?

Any other future recommendations? (: I just sort of gathered up thoughts from various threads. . .

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Nov 18th, '08, 19:58
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by thanks » Nov 18th, '08, 19:58

The 04 will taste much much better.

Always the Menghai fanboy around here I highly recommend picking up a couple of classic recipes. Anything from 2008 with a recipe code attached that's raw is worth your money. Some of my personal favorites include 7532, 7582, and 7542. Also the limited productions are also all amazing, especially the Menghai Big Classic and Dayi Hong. The silver Dayi is also excellent, but requires some careful brewing or you'll not have a pleasant experience.

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Nov 19th, '08, 01:39
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by Trioxin » Nov 19th, '08, 01:39

Seems like some excellent choices. Hope you enjoy them

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Nov 19th, '08, 05:31
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by engar » Nov 19th, '08, 05:31

Yesterday I also received my first order from YSLLC:

2003 Langhe "Green Mark" Ripe Pu-erh Tea cake * 25g
2003 CNNP "Yi Wu High Mountain Wild Arbor" Pu-erh 25g
2008 Mengku * Bing Dao Spring Cake * Premium Pu-erh 50g
2008 Mengku Mu Ye Chun "Old Tree Green Cake" Raw Pu-erh
2007 Mengku Lao Ban Zhang Pu-erh Tea mini Brick * 100g
2007 * Guoyan * Phoenix of Yi Wu * Raw Pu-erh Tea * 25g
2007 * Guoyan * Yi Wu Zheng Shan Wild Arbor Raw Pu-erh
2007 * Guoyan * Star of Bu Lang * Raw Pu-erh Tea * 25g

Just tried Langhe and Mengku Bing Dao and both are great.

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Nov 19th, '08, 15:16
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by shogun89 » Nov 19th, '08, 15:16

Very nice selections, Hope you enjoy them!

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Nov 19th, '08, 16:11
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by puerhking » Nov 19th, '08, 16:11

welcome to your new obsession.

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Nov 19th, '08, 17:08
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by heavydoom » Nov 19th, '08, 17:08

mengku shuangjiang alert!!

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