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Nov 22nd, '08, 04:02
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by treazure » Nov 22nd, '08, 04:02

Yup, we had a John Smallberries but lost him to a new, very virulent calici virus a couple of years ago. He was a huge, pure black male (neutered, hence the Smallberries name). Perfect Tommy hasn't shown up yet, but he will. I love that line where Buckaroo tells Perfect Tommy to give Penny Pretty his jacket and Perfect Tommy says, "Why me?" Buckaroo replies "Because you're perfect."

Every time I get a copy of Buckaroo Banzai it disappears. One of life's great sorrows for me has been that they never released a second Buckaroo Banzai.Sigh.

I was certain that the newest Indiana Jones movie wouldn't live up to the others but it was all which is wonderful about the other movies.
(crush tear curl) Irish Breakfast Blend with a touch of vanilla added, some minced candied ginger, and a bit of a cinnamon stick and a splash of Carnation Italian Cream instant creamer, which is very good and has enough sugar in it to sweeten but not over sweeten the tea. It's very understated spice/chai sort of tea with a nice vanilla aftertaste. It also has the great advantage to being a tea the cats won't help me drink.

Since I cannot sleep, I am considering a splash of golden rum added to the spice and tea mixture. Just for medicinal purposes, you understand. :twisted:

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Nov 22nd, '08, 04:20
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by Vulture » Nov 22nd, '08, 04:20

Remind me not to have tea at Trezure's place. I would die from alergies :lol:

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Nov 22nd, '08, 14:05
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by treazure » Nov 22nd, '08, 14:05

Yeah, but somehow I cannot see you reacting as one friend of son number 1's.

We only had 5 then, and like a lot of cats, when a stranger comes in, they become airborne. Number 1 son forgot to warn his friend and they walked in. The cats immediately went airborne, bouncing off the walls, running along them and, I am not joking, hanging from the ceiling fan.

The kid stood in the middle of the living room, white as a sheet and said, "Holy Mary, Mother of God, they're gonna kill me!' He ran out of the house and halfway down the street before he remembered that he left his car behind.

Until this day, 20 years later, he is still kidded about being afraid of ....... the other name for kitty cats as they are called in Great Britain. :wink:

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Nov 22nd, '08, 19:11
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by Carnelian » Nov 22nd, '08, 19:11

Treazure, you are my hero! Most of our kitties have been humane society rescues, like my Niki boy who we got when I was 10 months old. Niki was a litter runt and taken away from his mother to soon, vets told us not to get attached when my parents made the decision to adopt him (like that was going to happen). So my mom spent weeks bottle feeding him with the preemie bottles she had from me still (she felt that she needed to hang on to them for a reason, she was right), and he was one of my best friends until we lost him at the age of 15 :cry:

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Nov 22nd, '08, 19:34
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by ABx » Nov 22nd, '08, 19:34

I have two cats; Sid, and a new arrival from the Humane Society (just a month ago) Snoopy.

Sid is a real bruiser. He's 12 yrs old and 16 lbs. His coat is blue grey during the winter and turns brown during the summer. His coat is practically all undercoat (which is the blue grey fur in the winter) which is the fullest and silkiest you've ever felt. He's the single most active cat I've ever met, though he's slowing down a bit now that he's old and arthritic (bad). He's a real character; an extreme extrovert that likes to interact with just about any living thing, and makes friends VERY easily (even of the most shy cats), but also ultra dominant. He's a siamese mix that has the siamese intelligence but applies it entirely to playing hunting games (the bigger the prey the better). He's good at anticipating what you're going to do, your pain tolerance(!), and so on. You can do just about anything to him, but that goes both ways - if he doesn't "win" now then he'll bite you in your sleep. He licks more than a dog (that is to say incessantly), and sometimes that can get creepy. I once lived with roomates that had friends over frequently and one day there was around 5 people sitting in the livingroom. He started at one end and went from person to person (in order) licking their faces, including lips to the point of getting his tongue in their mouth.

He's also extremely affectionate (everything about this cat is extreme) and knows exactly how to be cute. He also likes to sleep curled up next to you with his face on your pillow right next to yours. He also likes to climb up on your chest and lick your face any time he's able to do so (ie you're sitting down with your back at any more than a 90 degree angle).

His M.O. is to be extremely affectionate until a person falls in love with him (which even non-cat people usually do) and then start the hunting games. He will stalk you, and he is nippy (moreso than most siamese), but if he's feeling lazy and you walk by without shoes then he will just catch your sock with a single claw and give you a gaze that says, in no uncertain terms: "I own you." The single most common sound in the house with Sid is: "Hehehe... Hehehe... Hehe- OW! SIIIID!" (Even with my 80 yr old, at the time, grandmother.)

When I lived with my grandparents in the suburbs for a time, the neighbors had reported that he started his own little "fight club," where all the cats and dogs in the neighborhood gathered at the yard on the corner of the block to play fight every day.

I almost lost him about 3 years ago when he came down with fatty liver disease. My gf at the time was working at a pet clinic, which is one of the best around. If we had waited any longer at all there would have been no chance, but they pulled a piece of fat the size of a large burger off of his liver, he ate through a tube in his neck for a few weeks, and fully recovered. The picture below is a little serendipitous because I had walked into the room that he was being kept just about a week earlier, looked at him and thought: "That fire is back in his eyes, he's going to make it!" If you look in the area just under where his chin is in the picture you can see where his neck was shaved for the tube.

All said and done he's actually perfectly behaves. He doesn't get on counters or get into things he shouldn't, he normally only scratches his post, and so on. It (along with his quirky and affectionate disposition) makes up for the obnoxiousness, which can't be overstated. :)


I just got out of a 7 year relationship with someone that had 2 other cats. As Sid is extremely attention hungry all the time, and has never been without a best friend since he was about 9 months old, I had to get him a new friend. Sid's become extremely demanding and lonely.

I decided to go to the Humane Society so that I could get a cat that was at least somewhat of a known quantity: older but still playful, good with other cats, small (with my condition it hurts to have Sid in my lap, sometimes for days after), and relatively laid back. I've also always wanted to get a purebred siamese, because I've always had a siamese in my life since I was born, even if just part, and I like the personality.

I've only had this guy for a month, and he promptly succumbed to an upper respiratory tract infection as soon as he came home, so I don't know that much about him. He's just now really getting back to being himself, but he has to stay isolated in the bedroom for at least two to three more weeks. He is a funny little guy, though. He moves a bit like a ferret, ducking down and darting around. Sometimes he will duck and run to the side like he's running away, only to pop up in your hand to be petted. He's affectionate and like to follow you and talk, and does not like being held. He does like to crawl deep under covers to sleep. He purrs very loudly, almost mechanically, and puts a little voice into the purr so that he kind of trills. He has a very articulated tail, and once in a while he'll stroke my arm with his tail while I pet him.

Snoopy is a 6 year old lilac point siamese, and was apparently an old man's cat until the man moved to a retirement home. Snoopy was given to the man's kids to take care of. Apparently it was only supposed to be temporary, but it didn't turn out that way and they had to give him up because of "allergies." I use the quotes because the house had two or three other cats and a dog and Snoopy hardly sheds (and I haven't seen any visible dander, and I have a black bedspread), but from the sounds of it he was really not happy there at all. He seems to have taken to me, though - he's not being as picky as the previous owners reported, and he only hid for about 16 hours. I think that people that don't know siamese cats have a hard time with their mannerisms and ways of doing things.

I really can't wait to let him out of the room to meet Sid, keep him company, and to see what his personality is really like. I'm waiting for that to rename him. I'm just worried that Sid will be jealous of the fact that this guy is small enough to be in my lap anytime he wants.


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Nov 25th, '08, 14:27
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by Shelob » Nov 25th, '08, 14:27

I also am a CatResue person! All of my cats have been strays, or kittens that have been dumped.

Mordor is coal black, with a deamenor unlike his name. He is docile and gentle, however, very large and can look menancing. You know how some cats have that look, but nothing else to carry that threat through? That's my gentle giant Mordor.

Then there is my newest kittie, Sencha who has the most adorable green eyes, thus Sencha. Her name has nothing to do with the fact that i just luv sencha.... right :roll: She is only a about 11 weeks old, so she is still a baby, and a very playful one at that. Her newest game is to ride on Mordor's back around the house while she swipes at anything within her reach! She is just plain adorable.

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Nov 25th, '08, 15:40
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by Geekgirl » Nov 25th, '08, 15:40

I'm loving all these pet stories.

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Nov 27th, '08, 23:59
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by geeber1 » Nov 27th, '08, 23:59

Me, too! What a great thread idea, Vulture!

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Nov 28th, '08, 17:49
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by Trioxin » Nov 28th, '08, 17:49

I have a black cat with a white on the tip of her tail named Lilith. She's insane. From time to time I let her drink pu-erh with me.

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Nov 28th, '08, 23:06
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by Vulture » Nov 28th, '08, 23:06

I visited my mom's house for thanksigiving and saw all the old pets I lived with:

Nala - 8+ year old cat. We got her a looong time ago and my little sister named her (Lion King just hit video around then I think). For a while she was our only cat and got all the attention, both the good and bad as we were kids. As such she is the prissy territorial cat now that there are other cats around.

Shelly - Shy and ditzy cat if I ever saw one. She will walk up for attention if she knows you. But if she isn't looking for attention, she will hide or run off if you try to get close. Very good deffinition of a 'scardy cat'

Kelly - the floppy cat, she will just go anywhere and flop down like it was a silk bed. Claiming wherever she is at the time to the dismay of Nala. This is my step-dads lap cat most the time.

Hershey is our old half blind dog out back, I didn't see much of her there as I was inside.

And yes this thread was a good idea, I knew there was some pet talk about how people named them after tea. So I thought it be a good thread topic. :D

Sadly though my allergies were going crazy the time I was there proving that I couldn't live with cats even if I wanted to.

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Nov 28th, '08, 23:51
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by Chip » Nov 28th, '08, 23:51

Cats chapter one.

It has been hard for me to post here, even read having just buried Delilah, she was up there in years and certainly the boss over all cats and would gladly let them know. She was a sour puss albeit, but was one of a kind. Both she and her littermate ...

... HoniBelle I found in the grass abandoned by their mom. Honi had maggots on a wound on her back and both were TINY, maybe 4 inches long. HoniBelle is named for the mineola tangelo that is my fave orange from Florida. She is an orange tabby obviously.

KoiKat was a super friendly kitten again outside. She was pregnant and gave birth to 7 kitties. Super freindly, but also super spastic. Fave nickname is "Kramer Kat" because she is like Kozmo Kramer on Seinfled. Her front paws have extra toes, forget what that is called at the moment, but when she spars with other cats, it ike she is wearing boxing gloves and the sound is even reminiscent of the sound boxing gloves make when hitting an opponent.

Bear is a black cat and one of the 7 offspring of Koi. He is pretty grouchy generally and likes to swat anyone walking by him, usually drawing blood. He is a talker and will gladly carry on a conversation. He is also the biggest scaredy cat I have ever seen.

End chapter one ...

Nov 29th, '08, 20:03
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by cheaton » Nov 29th, '08, 20:03

Being a reptile person I'll chime in really quickly on this one. Iguanas are NOT a lizard anyone should own that doesn't have a HOUSE of their own. Full grown an Iguana basically needs its own room. At least an 8x8 space. If you live in an apartment and want a reptile consider a leopard gecko, crested gecko, or at most a bearded dragon. Anything bigger than that is not apartment friendly.

This is a story about our dog Josie

P.S. I apologize profusly for the music in the above link. It is about our dog, but unfortunately not our website. Some people just have no taste. She was not named for "Josie and the Pussycats" she was named for the Song "Josie" by Steely Dan.
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Nov 30th, '08, 17:23
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by Geekgirl » Nov 30th, '08, 17:23

Bubba doesn't quite grok the concept of 'sharing.'


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Nov 30th, '08, 17:35
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by Victoria » Nov 30th, '08, 17:35

LOL, but cute!!

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Nov 30th, '08, 20:07
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by paisleymonsoon » Nov 30th, '08, 20:07

Ha. You said "grok". :P

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