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Nov 23rd, '08, 15:32
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What BRAND of Rooibos are you drinking now?

by JM » Nov 23rd, '08, 15:32

I'm drinking Tetley and honestly find it a lot weaker then Presidents Choice brand. You do get more Tetley Rooibos for the buck, IMO, it's not worth it.

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Nov 23rd, '08, 23:28
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by Vulture » Nov 23rd, '08, 23:28

Only two I have tried are from Adagio and Red Blossom Tea. Both are too similar for me to make judgments. Possibly comes from the same processing place.

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Nov 24th, '08, 00:50
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by omegapd » Nov 24th, '08, 00:50

The last time I had Rooibos it was from Republic of Tea. I still have a few bags...

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Dec 4th, '08, 21:38
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by yukondoit » Dec 4th, '08, 21:38

I get the best rooibos from Dragonwater, but they don't MAKE their rooibos so it's not really THEIR brand. Their rooibos pumpkin, rooibos coconut, rooibos creamy caramel, rooibos vanilla and rooibos sweet heart are AMAZING. After years of rooibos I still not have had one that tops the rooibos pumpkin. It is absolutely the best.

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Dec 10th, '08, 19:12
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by Wassupfrombustamove » Dec 10th, '08, 19:12

numi's sweet african red- green rooidos is da stuff

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Dec 10th, '08, 20:42
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by Wesli » Dec 10th, '08, 20:42

Adagio's, and theirs are delicieuse.

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Dec 11th, '08, 01:57
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by Sam. » Dec 11th, '08, 01:57

Are you in Canada? The only time I've seen President's Choice (ou Choix du Président) was when I was a student in Montréal.

I liked PC's rooibos.. cheap but good and very earthy. The only other one I've had is Adagio's vanilla rooibos, not the plain one. I do want to buy more unflavored rooibos when I run out though.

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Dec 11th, '08, 09:46
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by JM » Dec 11th, '08, 09:46

Yes, I am in Canada. The PC brand has great Rooibos (loose and bagged), their chai is awesome as well. I'm going to pick up some loose Rooibos citrus.

Dec 22nd, '08, 12:56
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by OnTheBrink » Dec 22nd, '08, 12:56

I am loving Numi's Ruby (chai) Rooibos.

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Dec 27th, '08, 14:24
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by JM » Dec 27th, '08, 14:24

Tried some more expensive loose Rooibos last night from Teaopia and couldn't find any reason to buy more.

Feb 22nd, '09, 21:23
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by buddha nature » Feb 22nd, '09, 21:23

I am drinking the orange roobis from Teavanna right now. I have tried Adagio's roobis and prefer Adagios over teavanna. I have also tried Adagio's Leo blend that has roobis in it. The leo blend is one of my favorites.

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Feb 22nd, '09, 21:28
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by JRS22 » Feb 22nd, '09, 21:28

I just finished a mug of Harney's Rooibos Chai. It tastes and smells wonderful. When I want something sweet I mix Adagio Vanilla with Adagio Caramel. More subtle and interesting than either one alone.

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Feb 23rd, '09, 13:13
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by Sam. » Feb 23rd, '09, 13:13

I'm drinking organic rooibos (fermented and green) from Mountain Rose Herbs.

Feb 23rd, '09, 17:03
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by silvermage2000 » Feb 23rd, '09, 17:03

I am not sure I have not had much roobios myself.

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