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Dec 1st, '08, 16:01
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Technical issues with the forum

by battra » Dec 1st, '08, 16:01

I have a few issues with how the forum works (though I guess forum coding is tedious work which I would rather not do myself).

1. On, everything is zoomed out or zoomed in, depending on which browser I use!
I have never had this problem with any other website!
When I use Firefox all text and images are zoomed out, and when I use Opera everything is zoomed in! As a result, when I look at teachat, everything is blurred and pixelized. If I want to look at a picture without blurring, I have to rightclick and choose "view image".
FF example: [img= ...]

2. When I look at a subforum, It would be very nice if I could see the thread starter and the last person to post for every thread (as in most other forums). One of the reasons why this is good is that is easier to see if there are new posts in a thread - it is quite easy to remember the last person to post in a thread you have read, much easier than remembering the date of the last post or the number of posts.

3. It would be good if you could go directly to the last page of a thread - this way a few thousands of clicks could be saved in threads like "The Daily Cup" and "Show Off Your Pots".

4. It would be nice if you could have the option "Search topic title only" when you search - good when you look for a thread about a certain topic rather than for a thread where it is briefly mentioned, or if you look for a thread where you remember a word in the topic title.
I think that this feature is lacking is the phpBB software, so the only way to fix this is probably to change forum software - quite a lot of work. But if someone has the time and energy, I would recommend the punBB forum software, which seem to be a lot better than phpBB.