Brewing oolong tea

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

Nov 9th, '05, 08:19

Brewing oolong tea

by clear_energy » Nov 9th, '05, 08:19

I've recently purchased some Dong Ding Formosa Oolong from Taiwan and was wondering the very best was to infuse. I used 10 grams of leaves per 110 ml of water. I boiled the water and let it sit for 20 seconds before pouring over the tea leaves in a glass tea pot not using the mesh infuser. Good thing I didn't use the mesh infuser because these leaves expand something massive and beautiful. Unlike sencha from Japan the oolong leaves expand much more and are drier after infusion. Any idea why? perhaps because of the fermentation process... I've been consuming only Japanese green tea for the past decade and have recently tried oolong from Taiwan and have Dragon Well which I haven't tried yet. Please give me some good suggestions. Thank you.

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Mar 4th, '06, 00:05
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by Ingenui-Tea » Mar 4th, '06, 00:05

I believe that the tea leaf is drier after infusion because it is not fully infused. oolongs can be infused up to 5 times, most agree. as you reinfuse your batch of tea, you will be able to tell the difference between the first infusion and the second and so forth. until you decide you prefer stopping after x number of infusions. I prefer 3 infusions myself.

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