White Monkey

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Mar 7th 06 7:44 pm
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White Monkey

by adamkgourley » Mar 7th 06 7:44 pm

I just white monkey tea. I know that it is supposed to be made at 180 Fahrenheit. My question is how much tea to use? Do I use a similar amount as if I were making black tea, or more like a white tea? thanks

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Mar 7th 06 9:18 pm
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by Marlene » Mar 7th 06 9:18 pm

White teas tend to be fluffier than black teas, so I'd recomend using more by volume. It would be the same by weight if you're weighing it though.
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Mar 8th 06 6:32 am
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by TeaFanatic » Mar 8th 06 6:32 am

White Monkey is techinally a green tea, but due to the big voluminous tea leaves, I would treat it as a white. When I make white monkey, I usually do 1.5 rounded teaspoons per cup (since I usually make two cup teas, that comes to 3 teaspoons). If you are just doing a one cup tea then I would recommend using 2 teaspoons.

Also remember that white monkey is a very light, delicate tea. So, if you are used to making black teas, then this will taste very different. Make sure that you get a whiff of the aroma before you drink it as that helps you taste it better.

Hope that helps.
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