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what's your favorite anteadote bottled iced tea?

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Mar 9th, '06, 00:41
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by ilya » Mar 9th, '06, 00:41

After over a year of taste testing, design approvals, paperwork nightmares, shipping legistics, FDA certifications, customs clearances and general headaches.... I'm glad to announce that we have received and have just added the anteadote bottled iced tea to the site.


I think the teas came out really nice and I urge everyone to add a bottle or two to your next order. You won't be disappointed.

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Mar 9th, '06, 01:25
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by TeaFanatic » Mar 9th, '06, 01:25

Awesome!!! I can't wait to give the green anteadote a try. Thanks for the hard work ilya.

Mar 9th, '06, 07:05
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by marz910 » Mar 9th, '06, 07:05

Yeah! I can't wait to try all of them :P
I just have one problem. They won't go into the shopping cart. Is anyone else haveing this problem. :(

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Mar 9th, '06, 09:19
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by klemptor » Mar 9th, '06, 09:19

Ditto what Marz said.

Mar 9th, '06, 12:40
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by marz910 » Mar 9th, '06, 12:40

It's now working. :D

Oct 2nd, '06, 19:36


by twinx31 » Oct 2nd, '06, 19:36

I am sorry to say I do not care for any of the flavors, im not sure if its the added vit c but they all have the same odd taste my daughter felt the same way. we took advantage of the free offer when you spend $15.00 you received a free bottle, i am glad they were free I would have been disappointed had I paid for them. On a better note I love Love Love all the loose tea I order on a very regular basis.

Oct 16th, '06, 14:48
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by DavidH » Oct 16th, '06, 14:48

I don't like that funky taste either, I'm also glad they were free. I make my own iced tea with the duo.

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