green tea gone cold=bad?

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

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Mar 2nd, '06, 18:27
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green tea gone cold=bad?

by WhiteTeaWizard » Mar 2nd, '06, 18:27

I once read somewhere that the health effects of green tea are null, and actually negative once it has cooled and allowed to sit for about a day. I think there was a mention of higher cancer incidence.

Personally, I don't believe this crap. For one, I haven't heard this since. And it just doesn't make sense that there would be a complete reversal of the health benefits once it cools and sits for awhile.

I'm wondering if anyone also remembers hearing of this. Although I do not believe the bit about negative health effects, if the benefits are just absent then drinking that old cup of green tea I forgot about the night before....why should I choke it down if it tastes awful?

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Mar 3rd, '06, 00:15
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by himthatwas » Mar 3rd, '06, 00:15

Perhaps the benefits are all found in the fumes we inhale right before drinking?

Maybe they sink to the bottom, and short of licking the cup they are unatainable?

Do you have a cat that might sneak drinks off of your cup while you sleep?

I've seen it,

they do it!

And they prefer it cold!

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Mar 9th, '06, 18:00
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caffeine for my mouuwth

by WhiteTeaWizard » Mar 9th, '06, 18:00

No, my cats sniff derisively at tea profferd to them. Perhaps they just disdain accepting it from me?

I have discovered that mice like tea. Well, not in liquid form. I've given them loose leaf tea, and they have been observed going crazy for it. One ate every type of tea I gave her.
Mice are, generally, kind of hyperactive. Mice on caffeine are...ballistic.
No more for them. They'd become caffeine addicts otherwise.
Like me.

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