Dec 14th, '08, 10:06
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Looking for a special kind of Chinese GINGER TEA

by Zamira » Dec 14th, '08, 10:06

Hello I have been looking all over for this tea that I bought in China of this year. It is ginger teas that is made up of only pure ginger and nothing else (there are no tea leaves in this tea). This tea comes in packets of small ginger crystals that dissolve in hot water and then you have your tea. No sugar is added to these crystals. Unfortunately I can not remember the name of the tea nor do I have any of the packaging left over. :(

If anyone know a website that sells this tea please let me know.

Thanks so much! :D

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Dec 14th, '08, 13:32
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by Chip » Dec 14th, '08, 13:32

Welcome Zamira to TeaChat. I have moved this topic to "Herbal" even though ginger is more of a spice, this will be more at home here.

Just a suggestion, you could buy fresh ginger and chop it up, infuse it for a more natural brew and easily accessible.

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Dec 14th, '08, 15:03
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by gingkoseto » Dec 14th, '08, 15:03

Chip wrote: Just a suggestion, you could buy fresh ginger and chop it up, infuse it for a more natural brew and easily accessible.
Indeed that's better and easier than buying ginger crystals. I sometimes need to treat myself with ginger water, not because I like it, but because it does have great healing power. I am usually lazy and would just threw a couple of slices of ginger in hot water. Just that, is already strong enough for me. Sometimes I get lazier, and would throw ginger powder in hot water. It doesn't taste as well, but works too.

Dec 15th, '08, 07:20
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by Zamira » Dec 15th, '08, 07:20

thanks for the suggestion but this is actually suppose to be a gift for my dad. I gave him the ginger tea crystals when I came back from china and he really liked it so I wanted to buy it for him again.

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Dec 15th, '08, 07:42
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by omegapd » Dec 15th, '08, 07:42

A Google search for "ginger tea crystals" brings up quite a few results, but the majority of them have honey crystals added to it and not just plain ginger. It may be a start, though. Good luck!


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Feb 6th, '09, 00:39
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by RockingtheRepublic » Feb 6th, '09, 00:39


I know exactly what you're talking about. You can find it very easily in chinese stores. It's hard to explain this to someone who hasn't tried it because fresh ginger is a completely different experience compared to this!

They usually come in huge bags with about 40 or so sachets, so they're ususally at the bottom of the tea or instant drinks sections along with instant coffee etc. Good luck. If you were in Toronto I could tell you exactly where to go. :)

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