Comparable tea???

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Dec 29th 05 6:57 pm

Comparable tea???

by Angi » Dec 29th 05 6:57 pm

I absolutely LOVE a green tea I get from Star*****. It is from a line of Tazo teas called ZEN, and I was wondering if you have a tea that is comparable to it. Below is a description of the tea.

Zen™, a blend of exotic green teas and rare herbs. Includes: green tea, lemon verbena, spearmint and natural flavors.

Thanks in advance

Mar 3rd 06 12:50 pm

Zen green tea

by Guest » Mar 3rd 06 12:50 pm

Anyone know if adagio has a tea that tastes similar to this Zen green tea?

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Mar 4th 06 4:45 pm
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by Warden Andy » Mar 4th 06 4:45 pm

I don't see that on Adagio, nor do I see all the herbals you would need to blend it. Tazo also has loose leaf teas, so maybe you might be able to find that same tea somewhere in loose leaf.

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Mar 5th 06 5:25 am
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by rhpot1991 » Mar 5th 06 5:25 am

Adagio has this:
Which should be somewhat similiar (and it is currently out of stock). Tazo's loose leaf tea you can find in loose leaf in some supermarkets,, or As far as Zen goes I have had some batches tasted much more minty than others (I am not a huge mint fan).


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Mar 15th 06 11:01 pm
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by MarshalN » Mar 15th 06 11:01 pm

The reason it tastes different is because "ZEN" from Tazo is really a green tea blend that uses whatever they find cheaper in order to maintain the same taste. Most bigger tea companies do this with their blends...