Idyllwild Tea Company - Southern California

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Dec 27th, '08, 18:17
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Idyllwild Tea Company - Southern California

by IdyKay » Dec 27th, '08, 18:17

Idyllwild Tea Company is a beautiful tea shop and tea room located in the San Jacinto Mountains, a mile high in a small town called Idyllwild. It's located about 45 minutes from Palm Springs.

They opened around October (I think) and what a wonderful atmosphere. It is so cozy and inviting. They have a wonderful selection of teas from all over the countries, even Pur-eh Tea! (Which is hard to find in California, or at least for me). They also offer hot chocolate in different flavors and Scones (always a different flavor).

They have a flatscreen that plays all the good old time movies, and Wifi for anyone that needs to jump on the web and check their email.

Their tea shop ajoined to the tea room is fully stocked with all natural soaps, bath products and lotions (all tea-scented), tea cozies, very interesting and unusual teapots at reasonable prices, xiying teapots and elephant teapot collection, honey comb, jams, curds, and they sell their own personal scone mix that they use. Their scones are always so thick and fluffy.

I guess I can't rave anymore about how much I enjoy visiting. They are only open on the weekends, and I'm there every Friday and Sunday, everytime I bring a new friend with me to enjoy it with.

Oh yea, they also make beautiful gift baskets.
Their website is & also [url][/url].

I think I should get paid for this! LOL. But all honestly I really LOVE this tea room/shop and encourage anyone in the area to come and visit it for a true treat of relaxation and luxury.