Entering Tea World

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Feb 28th, '06, 08:05

Entering Tea World

by Guest » Feb 28th, '06, 08:05

I'm looking to join the green tea world and have few basic questions, so please be gentle.

I've been brewing coffee at home and taking it in a thermos to work, will tea made at home and then put in thermos still taste good? I not sure I want to go through the effort of making tea while at work.

What is the easyiest way to heat the water to prefered temp? If I only run through a coffee maker to heat the water, will that work? I'm leaning towards getting the ingenuiTEA so then I'd be able to take the water from the coffee maker to the ingenuiTEA and to the thermos for work?

Always trying to find the shortcut, and from what I understand the ultimate short of teabags just isn't the same.

Thanks for comments in advance!

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Feb 28th, '06, 08:52
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by LavenderPekoe » Feb 28th, '06, 08:52

Please don't use a coffee pot to heat water. If you run water through it it is sure to have a coffee flavor and would not brew good tea. I have never put tea in a thermos to take with me, but I don't see why that would be bad. I would, however, get one that has not had coffee in it as that can affect the taste of the tea as well. I am not sure how much tea you would want to take to work, but the small ingenuiTea only holds 16 ounces which lasts me less than an hour, usually. By the time the leaves take the water they want, I get about 12 ounces out of it (I don't fill it all the way to the top). You may want the larger one if you want more than one "cup" of tea.

Feb 28th, '06, 10:26
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by marz910 » Feb 28th, '06, 10:26

LavenderPekoe wrote:Please don't use a coffee pot to heat water. If you run water through it it is sure to have a coffee flavor and would not brew good tea.
You could if you haven't used it for coffee. We had some problems with our stove for a while so I bought a small 4 cup coffee pot and used that. It worked fine. It okay for a temparary situation, but useing freshly boiled water is better. Oh and a coffee pot is only good for teas that need 180 temp.

You can always get the realiTea bags and microwave the water at work. It's a shortcut. Haven't tried it myself but I'ld make sure to use bottle water when doing this.

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Feb 28th, '06, 15:42
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by yresim » Feb 28th, '06, 15:42

At the point where you are going to the trouble of microwaving the water, I would think that a utiliTEA would be easier.

As for getting water at the right temperature, I can not recommend strongly enough that you get a kitchen thermometer, to help you out in the beginning. After a while, you won't need it anymore, but it will save you from many ruined batches at the start.

Oh, and I take tea to school in a thermos all the time, and haven't noticed any ill effects. But I bought that thermos specifically for earl grey tea, and have only ever used it to carry earl grey tea.


Mar 20th, '06, 12:17
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by Vector » Mar 20th, '06, 12:17

please dear god, do not nuke the water! it taste much better if you go out and buy yourself a coffee or teamaker for that purpose, plus I overheard a rumor that the molecules of plastic cups can bond with the water molecules, when microwaved, and it seems to be in some ways correct! there is a difference in taste! as for the Thermos, I do it all the time, however, drink it quickly, you dont want it to cool.

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