The new trinitea

Let us know if you've found the perfect product for Adagio to sell.

Mar 23rd, '06, 08:06
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The new trinitea

by garden gal » Mar 23rd, '06, 08:06

I absolutely LOVE my trinitea but also plan on buying the new one when it comes out (my son wants this one as he doesn't drink much green tea).

Just suggestion: I know you are working on the temp function but I would really like a way to time lower than 2 min. I am trying to lower the caffeine intake but want all the teas so I have been using the steep 30 sec. action but with using my trinitea I haven't quite figured out how to do that other than manually triggering the water out which is a little hard.
Just a wish list function.

Mar 24th, '06, 20:42
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by kodama » Mar 24th, '06, 20:42

I hate to say, for times under :30, time makes relatively little difference with enough leaves. If you could just do a :10 infusion, why use the trinitea? Heat up some water and pour it into a teapot or infuser. No waiting saved.

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Mar 24th, '06, 21:39
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by jogrebe » Mar 24th, '06, 21:39

If you want to reduce caffeine infusing for 30 seconds will not make any difference because I've read that most of the caffeine (I think around 85% or so) comes out within the first 30 seconds that it is infused. So if you really want to reduce caffeine, start by brewing for 30 seconds then throw out the water add more and have your tea as strong as you like it but without most of the caffeine.

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Mar 24th, '06, 22:09
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by yresim » Mar 24th, '06, 22:09

jogrebe wrote:So if you really want to reduce caffeine, start by brewing for 30 seconds then throw out the water add more and have your tea as strong as you like it but without most of the caffeine.

I think that is what she's asking for.

My understanding is that she wants a 30-second brew time on the TriniTEA, so that she can brew for 30 seconds, toss out the water, and re-brew for the appropriate amount of time.

Not a bad idea, really. Not that I care about caffeine myself. But I know a lot of people do, and they currently would have to de-caffeinate the tea manually, then transfer the wet leaves into the TriniTEA.

If the TriniTEA had a 30-second brew option, those people could de-caffeinate the tea without needing to have 2 different tools/pots/whatever, and without needing to move the leaves or anything.

I know what you're thinking: it is just a matter of convenience. But isn't that what the TriniTEA really is, in the first place? A tool for convenience?

The only real reason to use a machine is to make the process more convenient.

I mean, because anyone can just make tea. You don't need any special tools at all: just some heat, and a container to heat the water & steep the tea. Realistically, you don't even need an infuser. You can scoop out the leaves. But infusers, tea pots, thermometers, electric keetles, and such make the process easier. Just like tea-making machines make the process easier.

So, I say Adagio should go for it. As long as it is something that is relatively easy to do.

Because, if it is going to add another $50 to the cost, or another 3 months to the production time... forget it.

But if it would be a $5 cost bump, and a few days production, go for it!

If that makes any sense.


Mar 25th, '06, 12:05
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by garden gal » Mar 25th, '06, 12:05

Yresim- you understand exactly what I mean!
And yes, it is all about convenience (and safety). We run a business out of the house- I lost track of the times I would put water on for tea- someone would come to get supplies so I would go outside to load things up. Come back in 1/2hr later having forgot all about the water on- most the time a child would have turned it off, couple of times the pans were pretty dry but never a problem- yet. Then if I had started the tea steeping- well, might as well pitch that pot. The trinitea has been absolutely great. I just get headaches with too much caffeine but I don't want to be limited to just the decafs so I have always used the 30 sec then pitch system but just want a way, conveniently, to do it with my trinitea.

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Mar 25th, '06, 15:08
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by TeaFanatic » Mar 25th, '06, 15:08

I would be nice to be able to set it to any time that you would like it to run for. Many times, I like to run hot water over my tea leaves to release the aroma and get rid of some of the dust that is on the leaves.

It would be nice (unless this raises the price a lot) to have an electric timer type thing where you just push the numbers for whatever time you want. I don't know though, just an idea.

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