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May 25th, '08, 16:21
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Tea Houses & Teamap

by lissasunflower » May 25th, '08, 16:21

I must say that I LOVE TEAMAP! I enjoy tea rooms so much. The thing I love best about it is the fact that I can look to see if I want to spend my hard earned money at a teahouse I am thinking of trying. 99% Of tearooms in my area are just wonderful. The thing I like about TEAMAP is I can go in and see unbiased reviews. This is a good thing. We may not all enjoy the same thing. Some like Victorian or English style teas. some like tea bars, some like a relaxed coffee house style and some like me, like them all. Afternoon tea is something I enjoy so very much! I was looking at the post marked TeaSnobbery & I must say that I have been on the other end of this tea snobbery applied to me by a tearoom in my local area. This tearoom owner, ripped me apart and made me feel like I was a bad person for giving them a review that was not to her liking. She said I was not liked by other tearooms, she said bad things about my group and just bashed me without even thinking how I would feel. I was so mad! I know many of the my local tearooms owners and they are beautiful, warm, caring, kind people. They would NEVER act this way. I am on great terms with many of them and have never had a hard time or harsh words with them. This tearoom owner was so mean. I was with a group of 18 ladies and we had such a HORRID time that I left in tears. This owner overcharged us, was snotty, rude and just plain nasty. She then had her friends get in on it too and had them post stuff about me! All I can say is that snotty mean posts do go both ways. I was so hurt that I spoke to my Attorney and he was shocked by what he saw. He told me I had a case for slander againist this person. I chose to just drop it and move on, however, it is truly unbiased reviews that can get the reviewer told off and hurt too. Trust me I know! I still just adore tea and tea afternoons, however I will think long and hard about ever posting something even a tiny bit negative again for fear of being ripped apart.

Jan 8th, '09, 00:38
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by Tea Master of VA » Jan 8th, '09, 00:38

I have found teamap to be very unreliable, on a recent trip I used it to scout out possible tea stores/shops/cafes/etc.

Out of a total of 6 stores in 3 locations, 3 were closed permanently, 2 sold one type of tea and cutesy stuff and one was actually what it promised to be (though it was not for me, too in to the cutesy tiny sandwiches for me without at least equal consideration for the tea being consumed).

The one gem I did find was not on tea map, it was in Nashville, I will figure out the detials and report on it shorly.

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Jan 16th, '09, 22:04
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by horsencl » Jan 16th, '09, 22:04

How did the tea room owner know it was you? I also agree that how they reply speaks volumes about their business. I'm sure other TeaMap users will think twice when they see what was posted. Just like any user generated resource, it has its faults. It is still the best organized and most well run site of its kind that I have found.

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Jan 16th, '09, 23:49
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by chamekke » Jan 16th, '09, 23:49

It would be even better if the Canadian part of the site worked...

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Mar 2nd, '09, 01:08
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by RockingtheRepublic » Mar 2nd, '09, 01:08

Aww that's mean. People should take constructive criticism and use it to improve themselves.

On a more positive note, anyone interested in building a tea map on Google Maps? I finished DT Toronto already. =) This way everything is controlled by US and its FREE and its constantly updated!! =)

The URL is here: http://tinyurl.com/dd4ucq

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