preparing the best tea

Trends and Tips on developing and operating a tea business.

Mar 12th, '06, 08:05
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preparing the best tea

by steep » Mar 12th, '06, 08:05

what have you guys found the best way to prepare tea in your shops is it with large boilers, electric kettles or gas hot plates im interested to see what is working the best

Apr 9th, '06, 09:32
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by Ms. Cuisine » Apr 9th, '06, 09:32

I use a Bunn 2 burner self water coffee maker. It is only used for tea - the water stays hot but not boiling and I have never had a complaint from customers. I use a filter on one of my sink faucets for better quality water and use paper filters in the Bunn machine even though all tea is brewed with tea sacs in tea pots. I feel it gives a purer taste to the tea you are serving. :P

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