Chances of Success?

Trends and Tips on developing and operating a tea business.

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Apr 12th, '06, 00:22
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Chances of Success?

by rabbit » Apr 12th, '06, 00:22

If I were to start my own online business selling teas and teaware (and other tea related things), what do you think- with all the websites out there selling teas and the like- are the chances of success? Have any of you had any experience in the online tea market? And do any of you have any suggestions/advice you could give me?

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Apr 12th, '06, 09:06
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by yresim » Apr 12th, '06, 09:06

I don't have much information for you. Just that there are two keys to any new on-line business:
1. Advertising. If no one knows you exist, you will never get customers.
2. Differentiation. You need to give potential customers a reason to stop shopping somewhere they feel comfortable, and to shop with you instead. The more significant your differentiation, the stronger the reason. Of course, this gets tricky, because if you are too different, then no one will buy from you because you don't have what they want.

For example, if you were to offer custom tea blends, that might just be enough to draw some people to you. Offering a lot of high-quality individual flavorings and herbs is another thing to consider. Or offering customized tea pots/mugs/etc. These are just thoughts, here, I make no guarantees they would work and/or are plausible.


Apr 29th, '06, 23:38
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by psteas » Apr 29th, '06, 23:38

Like any other business, it helps to really do your research. I had started my own company a few years back and it's definitely been an uphill climb.

Just being a lifelong tea drinker isn't enough, but it definitely helps. A few things that have always amazed me is how knowledgeable people are at Adagio with their teas. I thought I knew a lot but they definitely know much, much more.

And did I mention to do research? Not just teas, but also how to effectively do marketing and online advertising as it is a beast but a tame-able one.

Good luck with your venture and welcome to the tea world!

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