tea map accuracy?

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Feb 3rd, '09, 13:38
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tea map accuracy?

by MotoMike » Feb 3rd, '09, 13:38


Not sure how to leave feedback on this. I tried to find this tea room with no luck. the clerk at the Hallmark store near this location told me that it is out of business. could not find a listing and the email link does not work.

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Feb 5th, '09, 09:55
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Contact: CynTEAa

by CynTEAa » Feb 5th, '09, 09:55

Thanks for letting us know, Mike. We have now removed it from TeaMap.


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Feb 5th, '09, 11:10
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by chamekke » Feb 5th, '09, 11:10

CynTEAa, are you able to remove other problematic entries from TeaMap?

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Feb 5th, '09, 12:53
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by ilya » Feb 5th, '09, 12:53

Drop either Cynthia or myself a PM and we'll take care of any TeaMap issues that arise.

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Feb 5th, '09, 15:32
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by chamekke » Feb 5th, '09, 15:32

Ilya, I did try sending you a PM twice in the autumn re: the Canadian subsite, but the text may have been too long (detailed explanation of the problem!) because when I looked at my saved copies, the body text was missing.

So here's my dilemma. I need to send you all the details of the problem, and I need to use PM to do so. However, the act of including all the details causes the message to bulk up so much, TeaChat's PM system seems to "eat" the message. I am caught between Scylla and Charybdis :)

The problem, in short, is that it is impossible to submit a new tearoom entry to the Canadian subsite. The submission appears to "take", but the new data never appears. That's why the Canadian pages are close to 100% empty. (This problem does not exist with the U.S. or British pages; I've had no problems submitting new entries via those subsites, so I do know how it should work.)

If this is a technical problem that cannot be solved, I would ask you to consider removing the Canadian pages altogether.

Sorry to keep harping on this, but it's sort of tantalizing to have the site there, but not working. It would be wonderful to be able to use it.

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